Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 40 No. 7

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Widening the lens on capital: conceptualising the university experiences of non-traditional women nurse students
Lesley Andrew, Ken Robinson, Julie Dare & Leesa Costello, Pages: 1359-1374

Students’ views about the purpose of higher education: a comparative analysis of six European countries
Rachel Brooks, Achala Gupta, Sazana Jayadeva & Jessie Abrahams, Pages: 1375-1388

Where’s the validation? Role of emotion work and validation for doctoral students
Jo Collins & Nicole Brown, Pages: 1389-1402

Non-routine problem solving through the lens of self-efficacy
Tanya Evans, Michael O. J. Thomas & Sergiy Klymchuk, Pages: 1403-1420

Theoretical foundations of phenomenography: a critical review
Anas Hajar, Pages: 1421-1436

Threat, drive, and soothe: learning self-compassion in an academic writing retreat
Kay Hammond, Pages: 1437-1451

Targeting student learning needs: the development and preliminary validation of the Learning Needs Questionnaire for a diverse university student population
Yan Yin Ho & Lyndon Lim, Pages: 1452-1465

Competencies or capabilities in the Australian higher education landscape and its implications for the development and delivery of sustainability education
Sarah Holdsworth & Ian Thomas, Pages: 1466-1481

Early career researchers’ perceptions of the benefits and challenges of sharing research with academic and non-academic end-users
Margaret Merga & Shannon Mason,Pages: 1482-1496

A student-centred approach to undergraduate course design in occupational therapy
Sara Pazell & Anita Hamilton, Pages: 1497-1514

Teaching collaborative dexterity in higher education: threshold concepts for educators
Nicholas Rowe, Rose Martin, Ralph Buck & Alfdaniels Mabingo,Pages: 1515-1529

Students matter: the role of doctoral students in university–industry collaborations
Patrícia Santos, Luísa Veloso & Paula Urze, Pages: 1530-1545

From learner to teacher: (re)training graduate teaching assistants’ teaching approaches and developing self-efficacy for and interest in teaching
Alex Shum, Peter Lau & Luke Fryer, Pages: 1546-1563

The predictive role of prior achievements and conceptions of learning in university success: evidence from a retrospective longitudinal study in the Italian context
Giulia Vettori, Claudio Vezzani, Giuliana Pinto & Lucia Bigozzi, Pages: 1564-1577

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HERD college of reviewers, 2021, Pages: i-iii

Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 40