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Branches and Regional networks are strongly encouraged within the HERDSA community. These may be organised by the Executive or other local members. Limited funds are available for local networking activities such as colloquia, fora, post-conference presentations, network meetings, or speakers. To apply for funding contact the HERDSA President or your local network contact.

Branch Handbook

A copy of the HERDSA Branch Handbook (PDF) is available for free download.


The HERSDA ACT Branch is an active network of professionals across all local universities committed to the advancement of higher and tertiary education. Monthly research seminars, educational workshops and newsletters provide opportunities for collaboration, peer support and networking.  Several HERDSA TATAL (Talking about Teaching and Learning) groups are active in the ACT with close linkages to HERDSA branches across Australasia.   

HERDSA ACT Branch Chair

Pamela Roberts, Charles Sturt University

HERDSA ACT committee members

Gesa Ruge

Tess Snowball, The Australian National University

Catherine McLoughlin, Australian Catholic University


The HERDSA Queensland branch aims to promote engagement with state-based and national learning and teaching scholarship and research by enhancing the accessibility and relevance of our activities for members.

Branch Chair

Kerry Russo (JCU)


Christy Collis (USQ)

Branch committee members

Ruth Greenaway (USC)

Mary-Ann Shuker (Griffith University)

Kay Colthorpe (UQ)

Trisha Poole (USQ)

Dana Burfeind (QUT)

Branch web page


The HERDSA SA branch aims to make HERDSA relevant to and inclusive of discipline-based academics in the three South Australian universities.

Branch Chair

Sarah Hatam (Chair)
University of South Australia

Branch committee members
Andrea Duff

Jeanne Young

Deb Ankor -
College of Law Adelaide

Shayne Chau -
University of South Australia

Tanya Weiler - 
University of South Australia

Manisha Thakkar –
Endeavour College

Dale Wache -
University of South Australia

Sandy Maranna –
University of South Australia

Jayne Boase –
University of South Australia
Liz Smith –
University of South Australia 



The Branch was established in October 2011 and, in conjunction with the University of Tasmania, facilitates the coordination of learning and teaching opportunities for professional development of HERDSA members. A pre-HERDSA conference workshop in June and a post-conference workshop in July enable members to share scholarly activities and receive peer feedback. In addition, members attend a workshop and collegial event during the annual University of Tasmania Teaching Matters conference. The Branch aims to inform members about best practices in learning and teaching and provide a forum for members to develop collaborative networks.

Branch Chair

Tracy Douglas

Branch committee members
Susan Jones

Janine Tarr


The HERDSA Victorian Branch consists of a group of passionate educators and researchers who are committed to continual improvement of the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning . The Branch was established by Peter Ling in 1992. The Branch promotes the ongoing development and currency of members knowledge and skills by presenting regular vibrant and inclusive scholarly events, featuring expert speakers, as well as opportunities for members to network and share practice ideas.

Branch Chair
Julia Choate

Office Bearers

Deputy Chair
Tim Beaumont
University of Melbourne

Puspha Sinnayah

Communications and Events
Deb McCormick

Deb McCormick
Darci Taylor
Sonia Magdziarz

General Members

Sandra McLaren - University of Melbourne

Tulsa Andrews - Fed University

Josephine Lang - University of Melbourne

Fiona Wahr - Melbourne Polytechnic

Alexandra Johnston - University of Melbourne

Branch web page


In line with HERDSA national and international, the WA Branch promotes HERDSA WA as a scholarly society for people committed to the advancement of higher and tertiary education. HERDSA WA runs a series of seminars (approximately five per year) under the title ‘Scholarship Profiled’, with the aim of providing local researchers the opportunity to share scholarly information. As a follow-up from the annual HERDSA conference, the WA Branch hosts a half-day seminar named ‘HERDSA Rekindled’ providing a series of short presentations by the WA conference presenters. This has been hugely successful in the past two years.

Branch Chair
Katrina Strampel

Branch committee members

Rosemary Kerr

Andrea Dodo-Balu

Melissa Davis


Aiming to contribute to the advancement of higher education in Hong Kong, HERDSA Hong Kong Branch has been working with colleagues to form a learning community in which best practices in important areas like staff development and student learning.

Branch Chair
Dr Anna Kwan

Branch committee members
Dr Crusher Wong

Dr Theresa Kwong

Dr Peter Lau

Dr Kevin Chan
Event Coordinator

Dr Paul Lam
Event Coordinator

Dr Beatrice Chu
Event Coordinator

Dr King Chong
Event Coordinator

Branch web page


HERDSA New Zealand has members from more than 15 tertiary institutions around the country. Our aim is to promote, assist and advance tertiary education in New Zealand. Our particular focus is building a community of tertiary educators and facilitating the improvement of teaching, research and policy. We will represent the interests of members, provide opportunities for networking and professional development, recognise and reward outstanding contributions to tertiary education in New Zealand, and encourage cooperation with other organisations and agencies who have similar interests in tertiary education. We run an annual conference (Tertiary Education Research NZ) when we are not hosting the Australasian HERDSA Conference, as well as regular workshops and seminars. We offer the TERNZ medal to recognise and reward outstanding contributions to tertiary educational research in New Zealand.

Branch Chair
Rob Wass


Kwong Nui Sim

Eva Heinrich

Branch committee members

Barbara Kensington-Miller

Erik Brogt

Alison Jolley

Linda Rowan

Tanya Evans

Kathryn Sutherland

Julie Timmermans

Vijay Mallan

Branch web page