Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 40 No. 6

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Publish, perish, or pursue? Early career academics’ perspectives on demands for research productivity in regional universities
Kerry Therese Aprile, Pammie Ellem & Lisa Lole, Pages: 1131-1145

‘I feel lost and somehow messy’: a narrative inquiry into the identity struggle of a first-year university student
Feng Ding & Fiona Curtis, Pages: 1146-1160

Academic temporalities: apprehending micro-worlds of academic work through a photo-serial methodology
Susanne Gannon & Carol A. Taylor, Pages: 1161-1175

Writing in English as an additional language: challenges encountered by doctoral students
Lai Ping Florence Ma, Pages: 1176-1190

‘It’s a little complicated for me’: faculty social location and experiences of pedagogical partnership
Elizabeth Marquis, Rachel Guitman, Elaina Nguyen & Cherie Woolmer, Pages: 1191-1204

Staff and student experiences of working together on pedagogic research projects: partnerships in practice
Rachel E. Maunder, Pages: 1205-1219

Challenges of being a graduate teaching assistant
Fadia Nasser-Abu Alhija & Barbara Fresko, Pages: 1220-1235

Educators’ emotions involved in the transition to online teaching in higher education
Dawn Naylor & Julie Nyanjom, Pages: 1236-1250

The effects of university research and teaching climate strength on faculty self-reported teaching performance
Kristine J. Olson & Lixin Jiang, Pages: 1251-1267

Socially enabled actors: the emerging authorship of fixed-term instructional faculty to enact and sustain organizational change
Kathleen Quardokus Fisher & Milo D. Koretsky, Pages: 1268-1282

Effects of pathways into university on the academic success of international undergraduate students
Rachael Ruegg, Natalia Petersen, Ha Hoang & Marianne, Pages: 1283-1297

Coursework in industrial doctorates: a worthwhile contribution to students’ training?
Cristina Sin, Diana Soares & Orlanda Tavares, Pages: 1298-1312

Higher education, theory, and modes of existence: thinking about universities with Latour
Jonathan Tummons, Pages: 1313-1325

The complexity of leadership in South African universities
Cyrill Walters, Pages: 1326-1341

International education through a bioecological development lens – a case study of Chinese doctoral students in Australia
Xing Xu, Helena Sit & Shen Chen, Pages: 1342-1357

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Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 40