Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 40 No. 4

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Containing and harnessing uncertainty during postgraduate research supervision
Ruth Albertyn & Kathy Bennett, Pages: 661-675

The use of threshold concepts to support student learning through assessment – a case for renewing public trust in business education and qualifications
Christopher Bajada, Sonika Singh, Walter Jarvis & Rowan Trayler, Pages: 676-691

How a centralised approach to learning design influences students: a mixed methods study
Margaret Bearman, Sarah Lambert & Marcus O’Donnell, Pages: 692-705

An exploratory study on assessing reflective writing from teachers’ perspectives
Cecilia K. Y. Chan, Hannah Y. H. Wong & Jiahui Luo, Pages: 706-720

What critical thinking skills and dispositions do new graduates need for professional life? Views from Portuguese employers in different fields
Gonçalo Cruz, Rita Payan-Carreira, Caroline Dominguez, Helena Silva & Felicidade Morais, Pages: 721-737

How a professional development programme for university teachers impacts their teaching-related self-efficacy, self-concept, and subjective knowledge
Sabine Fabriz, Miriam Hansen, Carmen Heckmann, Julia Mordel, Julia Mendzheritskaya, Sebastian Stehle, Lukas Schulze-Vorberg, Immanuel Ulrich & Holger Horz, Pages: 738-752

Doctoral writing for publication
Yi Huang, Pages: 753-766

Academics’ dress: gender and aesthetic labour in the Australian university
Briony Lipton, Pages: 767-780

International student management in China: growing pains and system transitions
Wei Liu & Zenghua Liu, Pages: 781-794

Mapping the leadership development of UK (full) professors in terms of cognitive, experiential, humanist and social learning
Justine Mercer, Pages: 795-809

Exploring the emotions of international students about their feedback experiences
Karen Olave-Encina, Karen Moni & Peter Renshaw, Pages: 810-824

Student peer review as a process of knowledge creation through dialogue
Krishneel Reddy, Tony Harland, Rob Wass & Nave Wald, Pages: 825-837

Constructive alignment and the learning experience: relationships with student motivation and perceived learning demands
Christian Stamov Roßnagel, Noleine Fitzallen & Katrin Lo Baido, Pages: 838-851

Academic acculturation in 2 + 2 joint programmes: students’ perspectives
Ying Xian Wang & Li Bai,Pages: 852-867

Students’ learning patterns and learning spaces in higher education: an empirical investigation in Chin
Ji Yu, Jan D. Vermunt & Catherine Burke, Pages: 868-883

Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 40