Higher Education Research and Development Vol. 41 No. 4

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Analogues of engagement: Assessing tertiary student engagement in contemporary face-to-face and blended learning contexts
Jana Lay-Hwa Bowden, Pages: 997-1012

Enhancing student resilience by targeting staff resilience, attitudes and practices
Margo Brewer, Gisela van Kessel, Brooke Sanderson & Alice Carter, Pages: 1013-1027

Employability as sustainable balance of stakeholder expectations – towards a model for the health professions
Martin Cake, Melinda Bell, Liz Mossop & Caroline F. Mansfield, Pages: 1028-1043

The impact of perceived psychosocial environment and academic emotions on higher education students’ intentions to drop out
Stine Ekornes, Pages: 1044-1059

Fostering knowledge translation in Africa’s flagship universities: a case of Makerere University
Irene Etomaru, Ronald Bisaso & Florence Nakayiwa-Mayega, Pages: 1060-1074

Talanoa vā: indigenous masculinities and the intersections of indigeneity, race, and gender within higher education
David Taufui Mikato Fa’avae, Arcia Tecun & Sione Siu’ulua, Pages: 1075-1088

Conceptualising and educating for global citizenship: the experiences of academics in an Australian university
Tracy Fortune, Toula Nicolacopoulos & Dell Horey, Pages: 1089-1103

Exploring the role of conflict in co-creation of curriculum through engaging students as partners in the classroom
Nattalia Godbold, Tsai-Yu (Amy) Hung & Kelly E. Matthews, Pages: 1104-1118

The relative importance of work experience, extra-curricular and university-based activities on student employability
Denise Jackson & Michael Tomlinson, Pages: 1119-1135

Is cultivating reciprocal learning the gold standard for high impact pedagogies?
Hannah B. Love, Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez, Svetlana Olbina, Jennifer E. Cross & Mehmet E. Ozbek, Pages: 1136-1151

Glitches and hitches: sessional academic staff viewpoints on academic integrity and academic misconduct
Jo-Anne Luck, Ritesh Chugh, Darren Turnbull & Edward Rytas Pember, Pages: 1152-1167

Mental health and wellbeing of postgraduate researchers: exploring the relationship between mental health literacy, help-seeking behaviour, psychological distress, and wellbeing
R. A. Moss, P. Gorczynski, W. Sims-Schouten, K. Heard-Laureote & J. Creaton, Pages: 1168-1183

Enhancing students’ critical thinking skills through engagement with innovative pedagogical practices in Global South
Ugochukwu Chinonso Okolie, Paul Agu Igwe, Ifeanyi Kalu Mong, Hyginus Emeka Nwosu, Clementina Kanu & Chidiebere C. Ojemuyide, Pages: 1184-1198

What undergraduates say about choosing an online or in-person course: qualitative results from a large-sample, multi-discipline survey
D. Kevin O’Neill, Suzanne Reinhardt & Kanthi Jayasundera, Pages: 1199-1214

Employability development and career outcomes from short-term learning abroad programmes
Davina Potts, Pages: 1215-1230

International internships and employability: a game-based assessment approach
Dolly Predovic, John Dennis & Elspeth Jones, Pages: 1231-1246

Lemons in the university: asymmetric information, academic shopping and subject selection
Murray Scott & David A. Savage, Pages: 1247-1261

‘An academic is like a bad dinner guest.’ Exploring cross-cultural perspectives of academics via metaphors
Melih Sever, Seyhan Ozdemir & Kate Jobson, Pages: 1262-1276

Informal academic networks and the value of significant social interactions in supporting quality assessment practices
Natalie Simper, Nicoleta Maynard & Katarina Mårtensson, Pages: 1277-1293

The achilles- heel of doctoral education in African higher education institutions: an Ethiopian university in perspective
Wondwosen Tamrat & Getnet Tizazu Fetene, Pages: 1294-1308

Using learner-centred feedback design to promote students’ engagement with feedback
Jessica To, Pages: 1309-1324

A principle-based approach to the design of a graduate resilience curriculum framework
Gisela van Kessel, Margo Brewer, Murray Lane, Berni Cooper & Fiona Naumann, Pages: 1325-1339

A mapping of graduate attributes: what can we expect from UK university students?
Billy Wong, Yuan-Li Tiffany Chiu, Meggie Copsey-Blake & Myrto Nikolopoulou, Pages: 1340-1355

Students’ preferences for seating arrangements and their engagement in cooperative learning activities in college English blended learning classrooms in higher education
Xiaoming Yang, Xing Zhou & Jie Hu, Pages: 1356-1371

English as a ‘double barrier’: English medium instruction and student learning at Vietnamese transnational universities
Christina W. Yao, Courtney Collins, Trentee Bush, Kaleb L. Briscoe & Ngoc Lan Thi Dang, Pages: 1372-1386

Higher Education Research and Development Vol. 41