Higher Education Research and Development, Vol. 41 No. 3

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Alternative dissertation formats in education-based doctorates
Tim Anderson, Gillian Saunders & Ian Alexander, Pages: 593-612

Supervising the PhD: identifying common mismatches in expectations between candidate and supervisor to improve research training outcomes
Adam P.A. Cardilini, Alice Risely & Mark F. Richardson, Pages: 613-627

Evaluating critical success factors in the permanence in Higher Education using multi-criteria decision-making
Adrián Castro-Lopez, Antonio Cervero, Celia Galve-González, Javier Puente & Ana B. Bernardo, Pages: 628-646

Going ‘grade-free’? – Teachers’ and students’ perceived value and grading preferences for holistic competency assessment
Cecilia K. Y. Chan & Lillian Y. Y. Luk, Pages: 647-664

Developing and evaluating nationwide expert-delivered academic integrity workshops for the higher education sector in Australia
Guy J. Curtis, Christine Slade, Tracey Bretag & Margot McNeill, Pages: 665-680

A phenomenographic outcome space for ways of experiencing lecturing
Scott Daniel, Pages: 681-698

Peer learning and the undergraduate journey: a framework for student success
Sharmila Gamlath, Pages: 699-713

Knowing HE standards: how good are students at evaluating academic work?
Jon Guest & Robert Riegler, Pages: 714-728

Something went terribly wrong: failing successfully
Rachael Hains-Wesson, Pages: 729-742

Evaluating the soft power of outbound student mobility: an analysis of Australia’s New Colombo Plan
Min Hong, Pages: 743-758

Enrollment motivation and student engagement behaviors: disparity among freshmen of an education department from three universities with different academic levels
Tzu-Ling Hsieh, Pages: 759-773

Exploring the professional development of doctoral supervisors through workplace learning: a literature review
Isabel Huet & Diogo Casanova, Pages: 774-788

Partnering with doctoral students in research supervision: opportunities and challenges
Amrita Kaur, Vijay Kumar & Mohammad Noman, Pages: 789-803

Credibility in educational development: trustworthiness, expertise, and identification
Deandra Little & David A. Green, Pages: 804-819

Epistemological similarities, prestige hierarchies, and double major combinations
Oded Mcdossi, Pages: 820-834

The healthcare redesign student experience: qualitative and quantitative insights of postgraduate work-integrated learning
Sarah Jane Prior, Pieter Jan Van Dam, Phoebe E. J. Griffin, Nicole S. Reeves, Lea Kirkwood, Bronwyn Paton, Amelia Giles & Gregory M. Peterson, Pages: 835-851

Re(framing) identity: teacher educators’ experiences with marginalization
Karen Ramlackhan, Ann Cranston-Gingras, Nicholas Catania, Gordon Brobbey & Georgina Rivera-Singletary, Pages: 852-866

How can universities better support the mental wellbeing of higher degree research students? A study of students’ suggestions
Tracii Ryan, Chi Baik & Wendy Larcombe, Pages: 867-881

Communities of practice as a solution for the implementation gap in internationalisation of the curriculum
Deirdre Ryan, Fiona Faulkner, Dominic Dillane & Robert V. Flood, Pages: 882-897

Assessing how QAA accreditation reflects student experience
Krzysztof Rybinski, Pages: 898-918

Graduate employability: the higher education landscape in Australia
Lynlea Small, Ruth McPhail & Amie Shaw, Pages: 919-933

Perceptions of reputation drivers: evidence from Australian non-accredited business schools
Thanesvary Subraamanniam, Phil Hancock & Jacqueline Birt, Pages: 934-951

Illusions of improvement: aspirations and realities of quality assurance and accreditation policy in Afghanistan higher education
Wolayat Tabasum Niroo & Chris R. Glass, Pages: 952-966

Higher education research in African contexts: reflections from fieldwork in Flagship Universities in South Africa, Mozambique and Ethiopia
Addisalem Tebikew Yallew & Paul Othusitse Dipitso, Pages: 967-980

Unpacking vulnerability in academic writing and publishing: a tale of two non-native English speaker scholars in China
Rui Yuan, Barry Bai & Shumeng Hou, Pages: 981-995

Higher Education Research and Development Vol. 41