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A New Perspective: Librarians' HERDSA 2023 Experience

Nicole Johnston & Danielle Degiorgio give their impressions of the 2023 HERDSA Conference...

Main takeaways and highlights – Nicole Johnston

Chance or destiny... you decide!

Oh my gosh! It’s been a month since we were at the HERDSA Conference 2023 in sunny Brisbane. I certainly had a blast!

From the President

2023 hails new beginnings. It’s been a long road for many having survived covid, organisational restructures, business closures, downsizing, moving home and re-locating, and even unemployment.

Why Exams still have a place

Professor Merlin Crossley, Deputy ViceChancellor Academic Quality at the University of New South Wales, and regular commentator for Times Higher Education, Campus Morning Mail, and The Conversation, puts his mind to the future of exams.


An Indigenous Voice to Parliament

HERDSA Life Member Peter Kandlbinder explains how the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum is an opportunity to introduce Indigenous graduate attributes into universities.


Why not join your TATAL colleagues in Talking about Teaching and Learning?

More than 10 years on and we are again inviting HERDSA members to the highly successful Talking about Teaching and Learning (TATAL) workshop.  


Being, becoming, belonging

Dr Shannon Johnston, HERDSA WA Branch Chair and Chair of the Western Australia Teaching Forum (WATLF), reports on the recent Forum.

The HERDSA Fellowship: Dong Mei Li

My HERDSA Fellowship journey started with registration in the Talking about Teaching and Learning (TATAL) workshop at the HERDSA conference in Auckland in 2019, which I would like to call an event of serendipity.