Call for nominations to the HERDSA Executive - HERDSA Executive 2021-2023

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This is a call for nominations for HERDSA Executive positions for the period July 2021–July 2023. 

The current HERDSA Executive will complete a two-year term at the end of June 2021 and all positions (except the President) are declared vacant.

The Executive consists of a President, President-elect (1-year term), conference convenor and eight elected members. The positions of Vice-President and Treasurer are determined within the Executive. Members of the Executive become members of one of the four portfolios: Secretariat, Publications, Professional Development and Networks. The portfolios are supported by a number of Officers of HERDSA.

A call for nominations for the President-Elect position was made in March 2020 and Kogi Naidoo was elected to this position. The President-Elect will assume the President role in July 2021.

The term of office for members of the Executive is two years. Individuals may serve up to three consecutive terms, after which they are no longer eligible for nomination in the next term.

If there are more than eight nominations for the Executive, a ballot will be held.

This information includes:

  • The names of the current members of the Executive and eligibility for re-election
  • Position description for a Member of the Executive and Portfolio descriptions
  • Details of the nomination process
  • Nomination Form
  • Code of Practice

While the constitution does not stipulate branch or regional representation, branches are encouraged to nominate a representative to provide a link between the Executive and the branch committees.

Being on the HERDSA Executive requires a commitment of time. Nominees should be able to commit to the role and it is recommended that they seek the support of line manager (where appropriate).

The closing date for nominations is 5:00pm AEST Friday 5th March 2021. The new Executive will be ratified at the AGM to be held during the HERDSA conference in Auckland, New Zealand.


  • Denise Chalmers, Western Australia, President (term ends July 2021)
  • Kogi Naidoo, Victoria, President-elect
  • Deb Clarke, NSW (Eligible for nomination)
  • Rob Wass, New Zealand (Eligible for nomination)
  • Elizabeth Levin, Victoria (Eligible for nomination)
  • Katrina Strampel, Western Australia (Eligible for nomination)
  • Wendy Green, ACT, (Eligible for nomination)
  • Kristy Collis, QLD, (Eligible for nomination)


  • Nominations must be received by 5:00pm AEST Friday 5th March 2021.
  • A separate NOMINATION FORM must be used for each member’s nomination. 
  • Completed nomination forms should be emailed to:


In calling for these nominations, the Society is looking to achieve leadership in Higher Education in Australasia and certain balances of representation on the Executive, as well as an enthusiastic preparedness to contribute. Particularly, members making nominations should give “due regard to the geographical distribution of members, the balance between the different sectors of tertiary education, the professional interests of HERDSA members, and the representation of men and women”.

Position Description MEMBER OF EXECUTIVE

The roles and responsibilities of a member of the HERDSA Executive include:

  • Attend the meetings of the Executive. There are at least two face-to-face meetings per year (currently there are three face-to-face meetings including the Executive meeting at the annual conference, the other two in March and November). Virtual meetings will be held as required. Travel and accommodation for the non-conference meetings are met by HERDSA.
  • Attend the annual HERDSA conference where one of the face-to-face meetings and the Annual General Meeting are held.  If required, HERDSA pays $500 towards the cost of attending this meeting but registration fees and travel costs for the conference are met by the individual. Successful nominees for this election will be expected to attend HERDSA 2021 Annual Conference in Brisbane 7-10 July, and be available for part of the Executive meeting preceding the conference (Tuesday 6thJuly) and a short meeting following the conference (Saturday afternoon 10th July). 
  • Support the work of the Executive and collaborate with other Executive members.
  • Participate actively in at least one of the Portfolios as outlined below.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of HERDSA policy.
  • Represent the Executive when present at HERDSA activities and provide informal liaison between the Executive and HERDSA members and Branches.
  • Promote the aims of HERDSA as an organisation, and support HERDSA activities.
  • Identify personal skills, interests or contacts that may be of value to the work of the Executive, and if feasible, make them available to support the work of the Executive. 
  • Abide by the Code of Practice

Specific role statements for some key positions of President, Vice President, and Treasurer are described below. The President role is a specific position which is filled by a separate election. Other positions are determined by the Executive following the confirmation of the elected committee.

The President has an inward and outward focus. With major responsibility for governance of the Society, effective leadership of the Executive Committee is critical. The role includes a strong strategic guidance of the various Executive portfolios, chairing of Executive meetings and oversight of the society’s activities. Externally, the President role ensures HERDSA is represented at international and national forums and that its interests are fostered through collaborative initiatives.  In keeping with the HERDSA constitution, this role is determined by the election of a President-elect in the alternate year to the Executive election to allow a full induction of the incoming President. The President–Elect is Denise Chalmers. 

The Treasurer carries responsibility for due diligence of HERDSA expenditure and budget management. The role liaises with the President and the HERDSA Office and ensures HERDSA’s affairs are audited and reported appropriately at the AGM.  

Vice President
The Vice President is selected to ensure strong representation of regional interests. The Vice President supports the President by representing HERDSA when appropriate and assisting with planning Executive Meetings.

Each member of the Committee is asked to take responsibility for or contribute to a portfolio.  Members may contribute to more than one Portfolio. Each portfolio is supported by the HERDSA Office. The current portfolios are briefly described below. Several Officers of HERDSA support the portfolios. Officers are not members of the Executive. 

The Secretariat includes the President, President-elect, Vice-President, Treasurer and the HERDSA Office and has responsibility for the management of the Society including conference oversight, grants and awards, the website and communications.

Professional Learning       
The Professional Learning Portfolio provides oversight to the HERDSA Fellowship Scheme including review of criteria, standards and guidelines and the assessment process including training of assessors and facilitating activities for Fellows. The HERDSA Executive has placed a strong emphasis on the support of new scholars in teaching and learning. The portfolio provides support for new scholars in teaching and learning through the provision of professional development activities. The portfolio has also developed and manages the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoTL) modules.

The development of our local HERDSA presence in branches and regions is critical to HERDSA. The Networks Portfolio supports the Branches and HERDSA activities across the regions. Policies and practices are in place to support Branch committees to facilitate activities and financial management. The Networks Portfolio also includes Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and three SIGs are currently functioning. 

HERDSA has a range of publishing activities including Higher Education Research & Development (HERD), Advancing Scholarship and Research in Higher Education (ASRHE), HERDSA Review of Higher Education, HERDSA Connect, HERDSA Notices, HERDSA Guide Series and Occasional Publications. Each publication is managed by an Officer of HERDSA.


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HERDSA Code of Practice