Capturing creative research in the academy.

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Research and Development in Higher Education Vol. 40: Curriculum Transformation

June, 2017, 455 pages
Published by
Ruth Walker & Simon Bedford

This paper examines a research project focused on ‘capturing’ creative practice through various recording media for research design and data collection for best teaching and learning practice in higher degree creative arts research. Despite differences in what constitutes ‘practice’ across creative disciplines, the many challenges facing practice-led researchers especially in regards to ‘middle-stage’ higher degree by research (HDR) processes are shared. One of the biggest challenges for supervisors of creative arts HDR candidates is developing ways in which embodied knowledge/s and tacit knowing can be harnessed and captured in order to document how the creative process informs and underscores research. As supervisors of HDR candidates in the creative arts at Edith Cowan University, we see the problems that arise when key aspects of the creative process resist writing. Through data collected from ten interviews and focus groups with 15 participants this paper explores the challenges associated with documentation of the processes and outputs associated with the creative arts (studio/performance/exhibition etc.) concluding that not only failing to seize or harness various methods in the creative process impacts on supervision and learning experiences for creative arts HDR candidates and their supervisors but also, unique interdisciplinary skill sharing and dialogue across the silos may not be just another blue sky proposition but a real and lasting opportunity to develop rigour and complexity.

Keywords: Practice-led research, tacit knowledge, higher degree by research