Research and Development in Higher Education: The Shape of Higher Education Vol. 39

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Research and Development in Higher Education: The Shape of Higher Education Vol. 39

July, 2016, 391 pages
Melissa Davis & Allan Goody
Table of contents

Assessing and developing English Language Proficiency: A pilot project at Curtin University Sydney

pdf (570.75 KB)
Anderson, G. M. & Timbs, S.

Teaching excellence: Recognising the many as well as the few

pdf (473.74 KB)
Beckmann, E.A.

A technology solution for providing professional learning support in peer review

pdf (514.17 KB)
Booth, S. & Read, S.

Communities of practice as mediators of change in higher education

pdf (565.44 KB)
Brown, M & Peck, C.

Exploring the way students use rubrics in the context of criterion referenced assessment

pdf (575.67 KB)
Colvin, E., Bacchus, R., Knight, E., & Ritter, L.

Distributive leadership across the academy: Seduction and disenchantment

pdf (601.25 KB)
Cordiner, M.

An overview of tertiary journalism capstone units and the need for agreed principles and standards

pdf (414.26 KB)
Cullen, T.

Pedagogical challenges and opportunities: Health educators’ perspectives on teaching Indigenous health to international students

pdf (699.95 KB)
Doughney, L., Ewen, S., Arkoudis, S., & Delany, C.

The lecture: Have reports of its death been greatly exaggerated?

pdf (739.22 KB)
Gilbert, A.

Empowering Aboriginal aspirations in Australian university structures and systems

pdf (492.04 KB)
Holt, L. & Morgan, R.

Evaluation of longitudinal impact from a university teacher preparation program

pdf (553.32 KB)
Hood, C. & Houston, D.

Mind the gaps: A method for mapping researcher development opportunities across an institution

pdf (495.8 KB)
Irvine, A. & Billot, J.

Interaction and diversity in the Australian law classroom

pdf (437.27 KB)
Israel, M., Skead, N., Heath, M., Hewitt, A., Galloway, K., & Steel, A.

The power of play: Preparing international higher education students for practicum

pdf (575.45 KB)
Joseph, D. & Rouse, E. (

The intersections of family and study for mature-aged distance students starting university

pdf (473.56 KB)
Kahu, E.R.

Advocate, strategist or dogs’ body: The Associate Dean (Student) role in co-shaping and managing students’ expectations in consumer focused higher education

pdf (608.18 KB)
Lawrence, J. & Brodie, L.

Implications of incompetent coping strategy on managing competency gap among academic leaders

pdf (493.04 KB)
Leow, Y. M., Ismail, N., Ong, P.F., Abrahim, A.B., Mohamad, F. & Abaeian, V.

Creating maximum impact: Engaging students through a social enterprise

pdf (603.23 KB)
Levin, E.

Students’ experiences of threshold capability development with intensive mode teaching

pdf (386.22 KB)
Male, S., Alam, F., Baillie, C., Crispin, S., Hancock, P., Leggoe, J., MacNish, C., & Ranmuthugala, D.

Contested concepts of 'partnership' in international student exchange programs

pdf (499.27 KB)
Miles, D., Jones, P., Gopalkrishnan, N., Francis, A., Harris, N., Howard, E., King, J., Zuchowski, I., Dhephasadin, P., & Puthan

Debugging performance: Creative solutions to developing computer science students’ problem- solving skills

pdf (602.56 KB)
Miller, P., Colasante, M., & Li, X.

Institutional collaboration through national project funding

pdf (393.84 KB)
Morgan, A.

Surveys unite to provide current status of Assurance of Learning in Higher Education

pdf (596.08 KB)
Nash, R., Lawson, R., Williams, A., Kelder, J., Scheepers, M., & Taylor, T.

From anti-structure to structure: Comparing the traditional and contemporary experience of PhD writing

pdf (449.05 KB)
Owler, K.

Exploring an Indigenous graduate attribute project through a critical race theory lens

pdf (464.94 KB)
Page, S., Trudgett, M., & Bodkin-Andrews, G.

Patient focused case based learning – mixed method analysis in clinical science learning

pdf (618.32 KB)
Puckeridge, N., Harreveld, B., Maguire, B., & Dargusch, J.

Reimagining support models for students from refugee backgrounds: Understandings, spaces and empowerment

pdf (356.93 KB)
Ramsay, G., Baker, S., Miles, L., & Irwin, E.

Curriculum development: Beyond knowledge and competencies

pdf (476.75 KB)
Scholtz, D.

Enhancing work readiness and developing professional identity through personalised, standards-based digital portfolios

pdf (355.87 KB)
Sheffield, R., Blackley, S., & Bennett, D.

Supporting success: The Fairway pathway into, through and out of higher education

pdf (717.25 KB)
Skene, J. & Khan, U.

Team-based curriculum design in creating continuing professional development for university teaching staff

pdf (696.97 KB)
Thomas, L., Harden-Thew, K., Delahunty, J. & Dean, B.

Participatory professional development: Designing a mobile website that links student feedback with best practice teaching resources

pdf (566.76 KB)
Thomson, K., Curwood, J.S., & Tomitsch, M.

Teaching transmedia to millennials: A critical reflection on the embedding of transmedia skills in the communication curriculum

pdf (536.32 KB)
Tombleson, B., Wolf, K., Gallant, L., Archer, C. & Desai, R.

Interactivity and learning: Connecting multimodal student experiences in first year undergraduate courses

pdf (571.78 KB)
Webster, B., Peck, C., Ha, L.T.V., & Tuan, D.Q.

A longitudinal study of students undertaking a mathematics major: Changes in attitudes, learning behaviours and achievement

pdf (437.79 KB)
Worsley, S.R., Bulmer, M., Goos, M., & Maenhaut, B.

Embedding academic literacy: Cooperation, collaboration and team teaching in three content courses

pdf (503.55 KB)
Wu, S.M. & Chan, P.

Developing professional identity through authentic learning experiences

pdf (423.84 KB)
Zou, T.X.P. & Chan, B.Y.B.