Research and Development in Higher Education: Learning for Life and Work in a Complex World Vol. 38

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Research and Development in Higher Education: Learning for Life and Work in a Complex World Vol. 38

July, 2015, 528 pages
T. Thomas, E. Levin, P. Dawson, K. Fraser & R. Hadgraft
Table of contents

Navigating uncertainty and complexity: Higher education and the dilemma of employability

pdf (357.63 KB)
Bennett, D., Richardson, S., Mahat, M., Coates, H., MacKinnon, P. & Schmidt, L.

Higher education service learning with First Peoples of Australia

pdf (341.99 KB)
Bennett, D., Sunderland, N., Power, A. & Bartleet, B-L.

Graduate outcomes: A generative curriculum model for international students

pdf (315.25 KB)
Budd, Y., Kell, M. & Humphry, N.

Tales from the abyss; ensuring doctoral candidates make the leap into meaningful outcomes.

pdf (630.78 KB)
Carayannopoulos, G.

Engaging with diverse communities: Analysis of a complex interaction

pdf (780.02 KB)
Chamberlain, D. & Woolcott, G.

Student Engagement for Employability: A Belonging Project case study

pdf (555.96 KB)
Araujo, N., Wilson, R. & Clarke, B.

Exploiting emerging video annotation technology and industry engagement to authentically prepare students for the complex world of work

pdf (865 KB)
Douglas, K., Colasante, M. & Kimpton, A.

Responding to student evaluation of teaching: closing the loop

pdf (322.26 KB)
Coldwell-Neilson, J., Dew, D. & Goscinski, A.

Navigating the complexity and uncertainty of higher education systems: Ontology mapping of Chile’s universities

pdf (447.85 KB)
Coronado, F., La Paz, A., Ramaprasad, A. & Syn, T.

What students and graduates need to know about graduate employability: Lessons from National OLT research

pdf (340.05 KB)
Kinash, S., Crane, L., Judd, M-M., Knight, C. & Dowling, D.

Preparing engineering graduates for the knowledge economy through blended delivery of mathematics

pdf (477.29 KB)
Czaplinski, I., Mallet, D., Burrage, P. & Psaltis, S.

Recognising learner autonomy: Lessons and reflections from a joint x/c MOOC

pdf (1.8 MB)
Dawson, S., Joksimović, S., Kovanović, V., Gašević, D. & Siemens, G.

The Student leadership in curriculum development and reform project

pdf (369.13 KB)
Deane, E. M. & Stanley, K.

Students co-creating curriculum: navigating complexity and uncertainty

pdf (366.86 KB)
Edwards, S., Rowe, J., Barnes, M., Anderson, P. & Johnson-Cash, J.

A new tool to support interactive and collaborative education in histopathology

pdf (542.56 KB)
Elms, J., Dowdell, S., Van Es, S., Kan, B. & Hawkins, N.

Designing Work Integrated Learning to optimise student employment readiness

pdf (580.96 KB)
Ferns, S., Russell, L. & Smith, C.

Facilitating refereed publication by health professionals: research informed software to scaffold the integration of research evidence with practice knowledge

pdf (326.11 KB)
King, L., Crotty, M. & Gillham, D.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Post- Graduate Legal Education Practice in an (Un)certain World

pdf (1.22 MB)
Greaves, K.

Employability and equity: A comparative international analysis

pdf (341.11 KB)
Harvey, A.

Transforming Assessment via global and local learning networks

pdf (432.48 KB)
Hillier, M & Sheppard, K.

Building the graduate capabilities of students in the Master of Professional Accounting through a skills development approach to assessment

pdf (794.32 KB)
Rankin, M., McCann, L. & Hook, J.

Immersion within 360 video settings: Capitalising on embodied perspectives to develop reflection-in-action within pre-service teacher education

pdf (3.23 MB)
Ibrahim-Didi, K.

A framework for graduate employability adapted for discipline differences

pdf (391.93 KB)
Jollands, M.

The Science Learning and Teaching Academic Standards project: a discipline community’s response to regulatory change in Australian higher education

pdf (397.86 KB)
Kelder, J-A & Jones, S. M.

Enhancing learning for construction industry professionals with a 4-dimensional digital learning environment

pdf (4.11 MB)
Landorf, C., Brewer, G., Maund, K. & Ward, S.

Daring to lead with feminism: Stories from Gender Studies academics in Australian higher education

pdf (415.7 KB)
Lipton, B. & Mackinlay, E.

Developing teaching capability – the missing link for global employability of post-doctoral students?

pdf (554.4 KB)
Luzeckyj, A. & Hood, C.

A pathway towards a holistic skills framework in Biomedical Sciences

pdf (470.55 KB)
Mayne, L.V., Choate, J.K. & Zahora, T.

Learning Online - Reflection, Engagement and Motivation (LOREM): Enhancing learner engagement in the MOOC environment

pdf (901.22 KB)
McCann, L., Hook, J., Yazbeck, B., Kalejs, L., Devey, A. & Han, A.

Developing career aspirations of Information Technology students at Deakin University

pdf (468.63 KB)
McKenzie, S., Coldwell-Neilson, J. & Palmer, S.

Navigating the lifelong learning boat through uncharted water

pdf (391.25 KB)
McLaughlin, P., Kennedy, B. & Reid, J.

A reciprocal relationship: informing a profession’s competency standards.

pdf (475.28 KB)
Nash, R., Chalmers, L., Stupans, L. & Brown, N.

Pre-service teachers' reflections on critical incidents in their professional teaching experiences

pdf (543.54 KB)
Kilgour, P., Northcote, M. & Herman, W.

The paradox of creative uncertainty in learning and teaching

pdf (387.5 KB)
Philip, R.

Institutional approaches supporting the development of national tertiary learning and teaching grant applications

pdf (358.74 KB)
Sanderson, G., Tuovinen, J. & Whitton, J.

PIVOTAL – designing innovative leadership courses: a roadmap for anticipating the twists and turns in school leaders’ journeys

pdf (902.3 KB)
Simon, S., Graham, W., Christie, M. & Call, K.

Closing the gap through Bridges to Higher Education

pdf (2.47 MB)
Beckley, A., Netherton, C. & Singh, S.

Fit for Practice: the tale of two professions.

pdf (336.32 KB)
Stupans, I. & McAllister, S.

Challenges for this place or any place: student preferences for lecture ‘places’ in a blended learning environment

pdf (425.04 KB)
Tarr, J., Farrington, S., Pittaway, J., Bird, M-L., Hoffman, K., Douglas, T. & Beh, C-L.

Navigating the uncertain and complex mix of learning, life and work

pdf (317.69 KB)
Thomas, E.

Preparing students for health and social care practice through interprofessional learning

pdf (334.99 KB)
Turpin, M., Lynch, D., Spermon, D. & Steel, E.

Australian and Canadian Student and Supervisor Experiences of Telesupervision in Allied Health Clinical Education

pdf (845.56 KB)
Nagarajan, S., McAllister, L., McFarlane, L., Hall, M., Schmitz, C., Avery, L., Drynan, D., Roots, R., Murphy, S. & Lam, M.

Beyond Anticipation. Designing Climate Futures

pdf (521.69 KB)
Rogers, J. & Werner, J.

Layers of transition: the lived experiences of online distance learners

pdf (418.55 KB)
Wozniak, H. & McEldowney, R.

Exploring undergraduate students’ motivation and engagement in China

pdf (427.63 KB)
Yin, H.