Research and Development in Higher Education: The Place of Learning and Teaching Vol. 36

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Research and Development in Higher Education: The Place of Learning and Teaching Vol. 36

July, 2013, 534 pages
Frielick, S., Buissink-Smith, N., Wyse, P., Billot, J., Hallas, J. and Whitehead, E.
Table of contents

Student perceptions on using blogs for reflective learning in higher educational contexts

pdf (541.38 KB)
Ali, Irshad & Byard, Kevin & Jülich, Shirley & Kommunuri, John

Exploring Students’ Experiences of Learning in Outdoor Places on a University Campus

pdf (1.47 MB)
Ambler, Trudy & Webb, Rhian & Hummell, Eloise & Robertson, Greg & Bailey, Steve

Pedagogical principles for the design of virtual learning spaces in higher education

pdf (351.16 KB)
Arenas, Edilson & Lynch, Julianne

‘The books don’t talk to me!’: Postgraduate student groups and research student identity formation

pdf (346.22 KB)
Bell, Felicity & Shackel, Rita & Steele, Linda

Enhancing the postgraduate research culture and community

pdf (327.32 KB)
Billot, Jennie & Jones, Marion & Banda, Madeline

Stories of learning spaces from distant places

pdf (319.3 KB)
Brown, Mark & Keppell, Mike & Hughes, Helen & Hard, Natasha & Smith, Liz

Student engagement for a large unit in an active learning space

pdf (721.51 KB)
Bulger, David & Gudlaugsdottir, Sigurbjorg & Bilgin, Ayse & Robertson, Greg

Helping first year engineering students Get Set for success in their studies

pdf (387.37 KB)
Burton, Lorelle J. & Albion, Majella & Shepherd, Martin & McBride, William & Kavanagh, Lydia

The place of higher education institutions in assessing student engagement, success and retention: A maturity model to guide practice

pdf (397.34 KB)
Clarke, John & Nelson, Karen & Stoodley, Ian

Displacing preconceptions and replacing capacities: Capitalising learning places in an Australian university

pdf (331.33 KB)
Danaher, Mike & Coombes, Phyllida & Danaher, Geoff & Danaher, P. A.

Creating fertile learning spaces: Mentorship strategies to support academic success

pdf (375.28 KB)
Debowski, Shelda

Complexities in managing assessment change: understanding patterns of resistance

pdf (342.93 KB)
Deneen, Christopher Charles & Boud, David

Transforming Design Thinking Through the Translational Design of Learning and Knowledge Environments

pdf (1.22 MB)
Fisher, Kenn

Reconceptualising the Lecture Space so that Student Voices Matter

pdf (371.8 KB)
Forsyth, Glenys & Spiller, Dorothy

‘That social side of things’: Students’ experiences of social and physical place

pdf (331.9 KB)
Goldingay, Sophie & Hosken, Norah & Land, Clare & Barnes, Peter & Murphy, Kerry

Spaces where learning takes place: rethinking contemporary approaches to learning and teaching

pdf (367.88 KB)
Halilovich, Hariz & Carbone, Angela & Ross, Belinda

Synchronous teaching spaces, distributed learning places: Staff and student perspectives of immersive video-linked classes

pdf (967.26 KB)
Hartnett, Maggie & Symonds, Scott & Brown, Mark

Evaluation of a tutor training programme through the frame of activity theory

pdf (361.57 KB)
Hassan, Salochana

Influence of size and distribution of teaching groups on quality characteristics

pdf (371.04 KB)
Heinrich, Eva

Reflections on working in a collective space to design learning territories

pdf (450.96 KB)
Houston, Don & Jovanovic, Jessie & Ohly, Christian

“Previously I thought writing was writing”: Reflections on Doctoral Writing Spaces

pdf (298.52 KB)
Johnson, E. Marcia

Placing ethics within the formal science curriculum: a case study

pdf (493.2 KB)
Jones, Susan M. & Edwards, Ashley

A learning place where a high-risk student cohort can succeed: curriculum, assessment and teacher recruitment

pdf (544.68 KB)
Kelder, Jo-Anne & Canty, Alison & Carr, Andrea & Skalicky, Jane & Walls, Justin & Robinson, Andrew & Vickers, James

Modelling the Learning-Teaching Nexus: the communicative place where learning and teaching meet

pdf (834.59 KB)
Knewstubb, Bernadette (2013). Modelling the Learning-Teaching Nexus: the communicative place where learning and teaching meet. I

Space-place shifts: is the digital space a learning place for commencing students?

pdf (757.48 KB)
Lawrence, Jill

Your place or mine: transnational education and the locus of control

pdf (307.11 KB)
Ling, Peter & Giridharan, Beena & Mazzolini, Margaret & Yeo, Shelley & Goerke, Veronica & Lueckenhausen, Gillian

mPortfolios in constructivist tertiary vocational education: developing the use of mobile devices to increase student engagement

pdf (946.08 KB)
Mann, Samuel & McKewen, Kieran

What do we know of academics’ learning of teaching?

pdf (356.73 KB)
McCormack, Cathryn

The importance of place for international students’ choice of university: a Malaysian case-study

pdf (341.72 KB)
Nachatar Singh, Jasvir Kaur & Schapper, Jan & Jack, Gavin

Reconstructing spaces and places through blended work integrated learning

pdf (333.48 KB)
Peach, Deborah & Gomez, Rafael & Ruinard, Elizabeth

Virtual collaborative teaching: What value does it bring?

pdf (1.93 MB)
Petrova, Krassie & Cranford-Wesley, Deanne

Cultivating creative ecologies: Creative teaching and teaching for creativity

pdf (335.18 KB)
Philip, Robyn

The next generation of university teachers: longitudinal research into early career academics’ shifting views of the place of teaching within their academic practice

pdf (322.47 KB)
Rath, Jean & McAlpine, Lynn & Turner, Gill & Horn, Julia

Cultural heritage and sustainability as an essential disposition for music graduates

pdf (341.92 KB)
Reid, Anna & Bennett, Dawn & Peres da Costa, Neal & Petocz, Peter (

Designing Higher Education Business Information Systems Curriculum and Assessment: for whom the bell tolls?

pdf (419.59 KB)
Richardson, Joan & Clulow, Val & Karpathiou, Vass

Teaching to the space: students’ perceptions of learning following their teachers’ participation in a programme of collaborative professional development supporting teaching in the Collaborative Learning Forum.


Placing progressive research pathwa

pdf (550.92 KB)
Ryan, Jacinta & Jones, Sandra

Hidden spaces in faraway places: The ‘lonely work’ of partner institution transnational tutors

pdf (310.77 KB)
Sanderson, Gavin

New pedagogical e-spaces: Keeping pace with staff readiness

pdf (290.58 KB)
Slade, Christine & Readman, Kylie

Students’ perceptions of on-line assessment: financial and educational implications

pdf (389.15 KB)
Smorfitt, David & Wybrow, Roy & Taylor, Pauline

Teaching ‘new generation’ students: Pedagogical signposts to show the way.

pdf (899.88 KB)
Thomas, Glyn

Student perceptions of the teaching in online learning: an Australian university case study

pdf (875.48 KB)
Tucker, Beatrice & Halloran, Patrick & Price, Connie

In good hands? Foresight and strategic thinking capabilities of regional university leaders.

pdf (464.49 KB)
van der Laan, Luke & Erwee, Ronel

Lost in space: Physically, virtually, and pedagogically

pdf (334.95 KB)
Westberry, Nicola & McNaughton, Susan & Billot, Jennie & Gaeta, Helen

The role of gamification and game-based learning in authentic assessment within virtual environments

pdf (327.1 KB)
Wood, Lincoln C. & Teräs, Hanna & Reiners, Torsten & Gregory, Sue

Designing online assessment for improved student learning and experience

pdf (1.09 MB)
Wybrow, Roy & Taylor, Pauline & Smorfitt, David