HERDSA News Vol. 30 No. 2

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Roger Landbeck
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Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia
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A Philosopher’s Column
Back to Basics: Learning, Teaching, Love and Wisdom - 500 B.C.
by Ann Kerwin 1
From the Editor 2
HERDSA Conference 2008
Engaging Communities
Prizes and Awards 5
Impressions of the Conference 8
President’s Report
By Shelda Debowski 12
In Memory of Sue Johnston 13
HERDSA Fellows Column
A Coalface View: Models for Teaching in Higher Education Institutions
By Lynden Griggs 14
RED: The Sessional Staff Project
By Yoni Ryan 16
Notes on Publishing in HERD
By Izabel Soliman 18
The HOW TO ... Teaching Series
How to…Defuse a Classroom Terrorist
By Peter Kandlbinder 20
Reflections on the 2008 ICED Conference
By Virginia S. Lee 21
From Herding Cats to Spitting Dummies
By Koenraad Kuiper 22
Dancing in the Desert: A CAD Festival of Ideas at ICED 2008 23
Professional Development Day for New Academic Developers
By Barbara Grant 25
Higher Education in the Headlines
By Peter Kandlbinder 

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