The Research Matrix: An Approach to Supervision of Higher Degree Research

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Robyn Smyth & T. W. Maxwell
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Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia
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This HERDSA Guide takes a new approach to higher degree research supervision by conceptualizing the research task via what we call the Research Matrix. The matrix links methodology, design and practical realities in one view using the research questions as the key ideas. It uses a two dimensional framework, like a spreadsheet. In the early stages the research questions (and sub questions) form the first column(s) and then design and methodological features are added as they develop. In the latter stages, its multi-dimensional nature helps to keep control of the project in terms of time and focus. The matrix allows flexibility but at the same time is designed to keep the project focused. Supervisors can use the matrix as an heuristic device and together with the student create the matrix as a growing document which charts progress and provides reference points for decision-making

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