Lecturing For Better Learning

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Robert Cannon & Christopher Knapper
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Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia
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In this Third Edition of his popular HERDSA Guide on Lecturing, Bob Cannon in collaboration with Christopher Knapper from Queen’s University, Canada, notes that although nothing much has changed in our understanding of lecturing since the last edition of Lecturing in 1992, a great deal has changed that affects our work as tertiary teachers. In particular, the growing body of research on student learning forces us to think hard about the way we teach in higher education and in particular how and when to use lectures for maximum learning effectiveness. This revised Guide still focuses on the lecture as the most popular method of large group teaching, but introduces a subtle shift of focus in challenging the reader to ensure that their major goal is always to help students learn more effectively.

Lecturing has been written with two audiences in mind. The primary audience is the beginning, or inexperienced academic teacher looking for straightforward advice and ideas on ways to plan and deliver lectures. The second audience is much larger and embraces all those more experienced academics who may be seeking ideas on lecturing more effectively, or to making the task of lecturing more personally rewarding and less stressful.
The Guide is structured around five chapters: The Effective Lecturer, Lecture Preparation Lecture Presentation, Lecture Evaluation and Moving from Teacher Telling to Student Learning in Lectures; plus a list of recommended readings.

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