Conducting tutorials, 2nd Edition

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Jacqueline Lublin & Kathryn Sutherland
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Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia
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Conducting Tutorials addresses the common experiences of tutors and students in a variety of group learning situations. This second edition of HERDSAs best-selling guide has been redeveloped around the framework of the characteristics of scholarly work, identified by Charles Glassick and colleagues: Clear goals, Adequate Preparation, Appropriate Methods, Effective Presentation, Significant Results, and Reflective Critique. It offers research-informed perspectives and practical advice on, for example, how to approach the first tutorial or how to deal with silence, combined with discussion of the underlying attitudes and expectations of tutors and students which affect their behaviour in groups. The relationship between the way in which a tutorial is structured and the appropriate or inappropriate learning processes which are thereby encouraged is discussed, and possibilities and strategies are given.

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