Team-based curriculum design in creating continuing professional development for university teaching staff

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Research and Development in Higher Education Vol. 39: The Shape of Higher Education

July, 2016, 391 pages
Published by
Melissa Davis & Allan Goody

Academic teaching staff are often required to complete a compulsory learning and teaching program for probation. Until recently, the University of Wollongong has offered such a course to their probationary staff which aimed to enhance teaching practice within the institution. However, there was no expectation of further development of learning and teaching practice following probation. During 2014 a new program was developed. The Continuing Professional Development for Learning and Teaching program – CPD (L&T) - is underpinned by a framework of teaching criteria emanating from an extensive review of institutional, national and international benchmarks. For CPD (L&T) certification, staff may submit a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate achievement of criteria within the framework. Within this framework staff can submit portfolios at various stages of their career. These portfolios are peer reviewed by experts in learning and teaching from within the institution. A support program for the development of teaching practice includes online modules, face-to-face workshops, open online resources and special interest groups. A team-based curriculum design (TBCD) approach was adopted in the development of CPD (L&T). By engaging staff, academic and professional, from across the institution, teams worked toward a collective outcome, encompassing the expertise within the university. Data was collected during the design and deployment of program resources as team members reflected on the experience of a TBCD approach. This paper explores the TBCD approach to designing a professional development curriculum through team members’ reflections and contributes to extending understandings of various models of TBCD in higher education.

Keywords: team-based curriculum design, professional development, collaboration.