A database approach to feedback-driven teaching quality improvement

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Research and Development in Higher Education Vol. 33 : Reshaping Higher Education

July, 2010, 654 pages
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M. Devlin, J. Nagy and A. Lichtenberg
0 908557 80 9

Actions for learning and teaching quality improvement (LTQI) should be derived from assessments of the divergence between learning objectives and learning outcomes. Such assessments are typically imbedded in stakeholder feedback. Critical to the accountability of the LTQI cycle is a transparent, structured, and reportable process for identification of actions for improvement. We describe a model and mechanism for LTQI that is centred on a database of feedback from stakeholders and potential quality improvement (QI) actions formulated in response to that feedback. A shortlist of proposed QI measures is defined by ordering of potential QI actions according to weighting factors. The database system described minimises the “cost of compliance” for accountable QI and can be extended to include other inputs such as assessment results or the products of learning and teaching scholarship.

Keywords: quality improvement, database, feedback