Business students’ reflection on reflective writing assessments. 

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Research and Development in Higher Education: [Re] Valuing Higher Education Vol. 41

July, 2018, 266 pages
Published by
Dale Wache and Don Houston

This article analyses experiences of undergraduate business students undertaking reflective writing as incremental assignment tasks. Using Moon’s map of learning (1999) as an analytical framework, it explores values of reflective writing obtained by those students studying the Asian culture and business practice course during the first semester of 2017. Using a combination of focus group and semi-structured interviews, our study confirms that reflective writing enables the students to apply academic knowledge to future business practice. Also, the assignment tasks help the students develop logical thinking and general writing skills. To assist with the students with diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, additional and customised support will be required.

Keywords: Reflective writing, deep learning, business education

Business students’ reflection on reflective writing assessments. 

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Ichii, R & Ono, A.