Academic Integrity: An Educative and Equitable Approach in Enabling Pathway Programs. 

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Research and Development in Higher Education Vol. 41: [Re] Valuing Higher Education

July, 2018, 266 pages
Published by
Dale Wache and Don Houston

This paper unpacks the key components of an educative approach to academic integrity and applies them to enabling pathway programs. Enabling programs progress high numbers of students from recognised equity groups into undergraduate studies and are recognised for supporting and encouraging students and fostering a sense of belonging (Burke, Bennett, Burgess, Gray, & Southgate, 2016; Hellmundt & Baker, 2017; Lane & Sharp, 2014). University measures to support academic integrity can, on the other hand, be perceived as procedure-based and punitive (Dalal, 2015). In this paper, we provide an integrative review of literature on the common features of an educative approach to academic integrity and enabling programs and introduce exemplars from two universities of enabling pedagogies applied to academic integrity.

Keywords: academic integrity, enabling pathway programs, educative approach