The unique value of Creative Arts higher education for preparing graduates for work. 

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Research and Development in Higher Education: [Re] Valuing Higher Education Vol. 41

July, 2018, 266 pages
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Dale Wache and Don Houston

Participation in Higher Education is often positioned by governments as a key strategy for promoting economic growth and developing the workforce of the future. However, Higher Education Institutions continue to be criticised for not producing job ready graduates. In particular, educators in the Creative Arts (CA) are often targets of criticism around graduate employability as creative career pathways are regularly non-linear in structure and CA degrees are often perceived as providing a specialised, niche education. In an era of budget cuts and a growing emphasis on STEM disciplines, the need to show the value of creative education, beyond its popularity with incoming students, is greater than ever. This paper draws upon the early career experiences of a sample of Australian CA graduates to provide new insights through which to identify the unique value of CA higher education in preparing graduates for work. In doing so, two keys ways in which CA degrees can provide value for graduates are highlighted. Firstly, the primary value of CA higher education is the creative element and in providing a space for graduates to develop creative skills and prepare for creative work. Secondly, CA graduates have creatively engaging careers both within and outside the CA, which shows that CA higher education has broad value, particularly for people pursuing higher education for employment and employability reasons.

Keywords: Higher education, Creative Arts, employability.

The unique value of Creative Arts higher education for preparing graduates for work. 

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Nielsen, E. Bridgstock, R. & McDonald, Paula.