The Student leadership in curriculum development and reform project

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Research and Development in Higher Education Vol. 38: Learning for Life and Work in a Complex World

July, 2015, 528 pages
Published by
T. Thomas, E. Levin, P. Dawson, K. Fraser & R. Hadgraft

Both in the Australian Higher Education sector and internationally, the student voice plays an important role in guiding universities to improve the overall student experience. Using focus groups and a national survey, the Student Leadership project explored student leaders own view of their role in influencing and enhancing teaching and learning in Australian Universities. This paper pays particular attention to the skills, knowledge, personal characteristics and training student leaders deem essential to their role, and places this in the broader context of Higher Education student leadership internationally. Student leaders identified a number of challenges, including dealing with uncertainty and complexities of University operation. This project highlights a need for a cultural shift that enhances partnerships between staff and students.

Keywords: Student leadership, curriculum development, student voice