Preparing law graduates for a globalised world

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Research and Development in Higher Education: Higher Education in a Globalized World Vol. 37

July, 2014, 352 pages
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A. Kwan, E. Wong, T. Kwong, P. Lau & A. Goody

In this paper it is argued that law graduates need to be prepared for working in a global legal context. Whether working in global law firms or small, local non-global law firms, law graduates need to have the knowledge, skills and attributes that will better equip them to work within and across multiple, international legal jurisdictions. To this end, this practical paper reports on a collaborative research project on internationalising the Australian law curriculum aimed at preparing law graduates for global legal practice, of which the authors were the lead researchers. The paper finally discusses the application of the proposed curriculum framework to the teaching of constitutional law.

Keywords: law graduates; legal education; internationalising the law curriculum; global legal practice 

Preparing law graduates for a globalised world

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Squelch, J. & Bentley, D.