HERDSA Notices 21 August 2019

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* Dean: Centre for Higher Education Development, UCT
* Positions Available: Learning Enhancement Consultants and Learning Technologists
* PhD Scholarship: Place, Identity and Belonging - closes in 2 weeks!
* Advancing Academic Development Event 2019
* Extended Call for EOI - Co-Editor & Associate Editors International Journal for Academic Development (IJAD)
* Service-learning Australia Summit 14-15 November 2019: Registrations open
* Last chance to register for the UQ Student-Staff Partnerships Showcase
* Call for Papers/ Special Issue 'Advancing non-placement WIL across the degree'
* Feature Films and Tv Series in University Teaching - invite to participate in a survey
* New Book on Theory and Best Practice in Science Communication Training
* New online first articles in Higher Education Research and Development

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Dean: Centre for Higher Education Development, UCT
18 August

The University of Cape Town is looking for a visionary leader in the field of educational development to take the Centre for Higher Education Development into a new direction. CHED has built a national and international reputation in the area of educational development over two decades and it is currently refocusing its work to respond to the new challenges of teaching and learning in South Africa in the 21st Century.

Reporting to the DVC for Teaching and Learning, the dean will be responsible for the reconceptualization of the work of CHED and providing support to all faculties in the implementation of UCT Teaching and Learning Strategy. As part of the senior management group of the University, he/she will contribute to the strategic and operational leadership of the University as a whole. 

Further information: http://bit.ly/CHEDDean
Enquiries: Mr Craig Alexander at recruitment01@uct.ac.za


Positions Available: Learning Enhancement Consultants and Learning Technologists
28 August 2019

As part of the Murdoch University Strategic Plan 2017-2027, Murdoch University has created two new Colleges - College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education (SHEE) and College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Sciences (ABLSS) to deliver on our strategy on growing Murdoch into a strong, vibrant university community and positioning us to thrive in and make contributions to a modern world.To support the Colleges, 2 ongoing Learning Enhancement Consultant and 2 Learning Technologist positions are available. The ideal applicants would have knowledge and experience in collaborating with, supporting and influencing academic teaching staff towards the achievement of quality blended and online learning environments. 

Position details at: https://www.murdoch.edu.au/about-us/work-at-murdoch/current-vacancies 

Further information: https://www.murdoch.edu.au/about-us/work-at-murdoch/current-vacancies


PhD Scholarship: Place, Identity and Belonging - closes in 2 weeks!
31st August 2019

Using Design Based Research, this PhD Scholarship research will take in new directions the evidence base for medical and health professions education programs set in outer metropolitan and rural settings in NSW and Victoria, leveraging new and existing partnerships with research universities. The research will ask: What does it mean to belong, identify with and imagine oneself living and working in underserved areas as a doctor and health professional?

The field of medical education and training is inclusive and interdisciplinary by nature. Applicants from diverse disciplinary backgrounds are welcome. If you are aware of likely applicants who are eligible to apply for a PhD scholarship, please do let them know of this opportunity, and/or direct their enquiries to Professor Wendy Hu, mobile 0438 407 971 email w.hu@westernsydney.edu.au The scholarship is awarded to the candidate, who then nominates their topic, of which this is one. For further details please see the link below. 

Further information: https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/thri/research_training/scholarships/tra...


Advancing Academic Development Event 2019
Nominations close on 13th September.

Recognising, sharing, and shaping academic development practice 
6th November
QUT, Brisbane, Australia

We are pleased to extend an invitation to you and your university to nominate outstanding academic developers to participate in the Advancing Academic Development Event and Good Practice Awards, to be held 6th November at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

• Nominations are now open for your university to submit outstanding academic development practices for the 2019 Australasian Academic Development Good Practice Awards. All finalists will be invited to attend and present their good practices at the Advancing Academic Development Event, where award recipients will be announced.
• Registrations are also now open for academic developers from your institution to participate in the Advancing Academic Development Event. This event is an opportunity for your academic developers to participate in professional development, network, share, and shape academic development practice across the sector.

The 2019 awards and event follow the highly successful inaugural Advancing Academic Development Event and Good Practice Awards in 2018. Previous attendees highlighted numerous benefits for their professional development. Highlights including videos of finalists’ presentations can be viewed at advancingacademicdevelopment.net

The event is supported by The Council of Australasian University Leaders in Learning and Teaching (CAULLT) and the Queensland Branch of HERDSA. Thanks to this generosity, there is no registration fee for attendees from Australasian universities for this event. The attached documents provide information on registration and Australasian Academic Development Good Practice Awards submission processes. We strongly encourage your organisation to support nominations and attendance. Registration and nominations forms are at https://www.advancingacademicdevelopment.net/

We look forward to meeting your university's delegates in November as we share and recognise good practice in academic development across Australia.

Warm regards,

Professor Jillian Hamilton jg.hamilton@qut.edu.au or 07 3138 7548
Dr Andrea Adam andrea.adam@utas.edu.au or 03 6226 7116
Associate Professor Marina Harvey marina.harvey@unsw.edu.au or 02 9385 3062


Extended Call for EOI - Co-Editor & Associate Editors International Journal for Academic Development (IJAD)
15th September 2019

Note: this is an extended call for expressions of interest that now includes a call for Associate Editor/s. Please pass this call on to anyone who you think may be interested and who would not see this through this list.

A number of exciting opportunities have arisen for editorial positions at the International Journal for Academic Development (IJAD). We are looking for a co-editor to replace the position currently held by Dr Kathryn Sutherland (New Zealand/HERDSA). At the same time, we are looking for 1-2 new associate editors to join the editorial team.

IJAD is the premier international journal for academic development (also called educational development and faculty development); Google has ranked IJAD among (or near) the 20 most influential higher education journals globally since 2016. IJAD is sponsored by the International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED) and four issues are published annually through Routledge/Taylor & Francis (http://www.tandfonline.com/ijad). The manuscript submission and review process is managed through the ScholarOne online system.

The co-editor and associate editor appointments will be for 4 years (1 January 2020 until 31 December 2024) and the appointees will work collaboratively with the three ongoing co-editors—Dr Klara Bolander Laksov (Sweden), Dr Peter Felten (USA), and Dr Johan Geertsema (Singapore)—and the five associate editors.  As a diverse team is critical to the success of the journal, we would be especially interested in applications from colleagues who are professionally active beyond regions currently represented (Asia, Europe, and North America). Nevertheless, as we recognize that diversity goes beyond regional representation, we encourage applications from anywhere in the world.

The roles of co-editor and associate editor provide the opportunity to influence the academic development research agenda and to expand linkages between one’s own region and the international academic development community. The four co-editors constitute the core team and provide leadership to the journal and to associate editors, but in all other respects the work of co-editor and associate editor positions is equivalent. Co-editors typically have more editorial and scholarly experience than associate editors at the time of appointment. The positions are voluntary, involve working to tight deadlines, and require participating in monthly online meetings. Typically, at least one co-editor attends the ICED Council meeting each year. 

Applications from individuals who would like to join the team are welcome. The editorial team will come to a decision based on the criteria outlined below. 

Questions about the positions should be directed to Klara Bolander Laksov (klara.bolander.laksov@edu.su.se), Peter Felten (pfelten@elon.edu), or Johan Geertsema (cdtjgh@nus.edu.sg). 

Brief written expressions of interest should be emailed to Dr Allan Goody, President of the International Consortium for Educational Development (agoody56@gmail.com), no later than 15 September 2019 and should:
a. specify whether you are applying to be co-editor or associate editor,
b. outline your reasons for wanting to undertake the role,
c. address the selection criteria below,
d. provide the names of two members of the international academic development community who are willing to be contacted as referees, and
e. include your current Curriculum Vitae.

The following criteria are essential:
1. Active scholar in academic/educational/faculty development, with a record of publications in this area.
2. Passionate about academic development in higher education and committed to encouraging high-quality academic research and publications in the field.
3. Will enhance the diversity of the editorial team.
4. Experienced in editing and publishing, and aware of issues associated with editing an international journal.
5. Excellent organisational and communication skills and demonstrated ability to work to tight deadlines.
6. Demonstrated ability to work well with others (for example, joint publications, grants, member of a national network, etc.).
7. Willing to participate in regular editorial meetings through online video conferencing (often scheduled outside working hours in order to accommodate the schedules of co-editors from four different continents).
8. Committed to the goals of the journal’s parent organisation, the International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED): http://icedonline.net/
9. At the time of appointment, membership in one of the member networks of ICED.

In addition, the following criteria are desirable:
10. Familiarity with online manuscript management systems.
11. Familiarity with APA referencing, copy-editing, or access to administrative support for copy-editing.
12. Ability to start by 1 January 2020.

Further information: Johan Geertsema (cdtjgh@nus.edu.sg)


Service-learning Australia Summit 14-15 November 2019: Registrations open
Fri 27 September 2019

Service-learning Australia Summit will be held at Griffith University Gold Coast, 14 -15 November 2019. 
Registrations are now open: early bird (until 27 Sep) $535 / $585.
We are calling for abstracts for innovative program sessions including TED-type talks, world cafes and personal introspectives

Further information: https://www.griffith.edu.au/sla-summit-2019


Last chance to register for the UQ Student-Staff Partnerships Showcase
Event on 30 September, 2019 in Brisbane.

You are invited to participate in the 2019 University of Queensland Student-Staff Partnerships Showcase! Come and meet like-minded individuals enthusiastic about partnerships and walk away inspired with practical strategies for engaging as partners to enhance learning, teaching, and the university experience. Hear from students and staff who have collaborated on projects to enhance the university experience and from students who have served as student representatives to make sure the student voice is heard throughout UQ. The theme of this year's showcase is "Empowering People in Partnership" and includes a keynote from Professor Shelley Kinash on "Supporting Student Partners to Revolutionise University Education & Change our World."

Further information: https://employability.uq.edu.au/uq-student-staff-partnerships-showcase


Call for Papers/ Special Issue 'Advancing non-placement WIL across the degree'
31st January 2020

This special issue of the Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice (JUTLP) will explore current research in the area of non-placement WIL. It aims to showcase international high quality, high-impact scholarship that investigates non-placement WIL activities that enhance students’ preparation for the workforce. Examples may include (but not limited to) program evaluation, analysis of student learning, larger scale research projects, or industry partner perspectives relative to:

• Authentic industry projects
• Simulations
• Field work
• Creative studio work
• Digitally enabled WIL
• Other non-placement WIL experiences

Papers due 31st January 2020. Find out more: https://ro.uow.edu.au/jutlp/latestnews.html 

Further information: https://ro.uow.edu.au/jutlp/latestnews.html


Feature Films and Tv Series in University Teaching - invite to participate in a survey
January 31, 2020

We would like to invite you to participate in an anonymous online survey that investigates how Australia-based university lecturers are currently using feature films and TV series (FF/TV) in teaching. 
This survey is a part of an ongoing PhD research study that works towards improving the efficacy of FF/TV in higher education pedagogies. Your experience in teaching with FF/TV, however much or little, will be valuable to this research. 

Further participant information and the survey can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FFTVEDUFINAL 

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to forward this to other lecturers.

This research is approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee on August 6, 2019; approval number H-2019-139.

Further information: ngoc.nguyen@adelaide.edu.au or cally.guerin@adelaide.edu.au


New Book on Theory and Best Practice in Science Communication Training

A new book of interest to HERDSA members on the growing body of research in science communication training. The book identifies best practices for communication training programs within and outside the higher education sector around the world. Within higher education the book is relevant to undergraduate and graduate levels.

Theory and Best Practices in Science Communication Training provides a critical overview of the emerging field of by analyzing the role of communication training in supporting scientists’ communication and engagement goals, including scientists’ motivations to engage in training, the design of training programs, methods for evaluation, and frameworks to support the role of communication training in helping scientists reach their communication and engagement goals. This volume reflects the growth of the field and provides direction for developing future researcher-practitioner collaborations.   

With contributions from researchers and practitioners from around the world, this book will be of great interest to students, scholars and, professionals within this emerging field. 

Further information: https://www.routledge.com/Theory-and-Best-Practices-in-Science-Communica...


New online first articles in Higher Education Research and Development

Umbrella action research projects as a mechanism for learning and teaching quality enhancement, David Kember, Tracy Douglas, Tracey Muir & Susan Salter, https://doi.org/10.1080/07294360.2019.1638350

[Book review] No end of a lesson: : Australia’s Unified National System of Higher Education, by Stuart Macintyre, André Brett and Gwilym Croucher, reviewed by Barbara M. Grant, https://doi.org/10.1080/07294360.2019.165295

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