Roger Landbeck (deceased)

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Roger Landbeck is long standing member of HERDSA and has served the association as a dedicated member of the Executive, Editor of HERDSA News and Moderator of the HERDSA listserv. Without Roger's generous contribution of his time and effort HERDSA would not be able to offer its members the service of either the HERDSA News or the email discussion list. Roger's contributions have been noted by the Executive in many meetings and the Society's appreciation is well documented in the minutes of the meetings of the Executive. In addition to the evidence of the Executive's appreciation Roger frequently receives expressions of thanks from members for instance a recent email from Kym Fraser in the UK noted:

Dear Roger

I would appreciate it if you would send the following message to the list serve for me.

Dear Colleagues

I would like to say a big thank you to Roger for moderating this list. I cannot tell you how useful I find this weekly message to be and how much I appreciate receiving it. I highly value feeling "in touch" with some of the things that are going on in Australasia . Roger you are most generous and you do a wonderful "community service" in your work with HERDSA and I am extremely grateful to you. Thank you very much Roger

Kym Fraser (currently working in the UK).

Roger performs his work for only a nominal honorarium, which in no way covers the time and dedication with which he has supported the association. I would like to propose that HERDSA recognise the value of Roger's outstanding and lengthy contribution to the society in the form of a life membership.