Rod Mackay

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Having joined HERDSA in 1975 Roderick McKay took a critical role in the establishment and continuation of the New Zealand Branch. Described by many as 'the office' of HERDSA New Zealand, since the mid- 1980s he handled membership lists, banking, mailings, distribution of publications, etc, etc. His New Zealand experience later proved invaluable in the negotiation for and establishment of the current office of the Society in Canberra. In this context he helped define and clarify the roles for our employees, negotiated contracts with AAACE and facilitated the transfer of New Zealand business to Canberra once the office had been established.

His work on the Executive of HERDSA commenced in 1985 and, with a few short breaks off the Executive, he was still involved with Executive business up until 1997. During that time his fulfilled many roles Assistant Occasional including Treasurer, Publications, Committee member, member of the Office Working Party, member and chair of the Administration Portfolio.

Rod has been one of our constitutional experts over the years, giving guidance on the old constitution then contributing to the writing of the new constitution and by-laws. Also, his communications expertise was put to good use in the establishment and moderation of HERDSA email, the listserver and early World Wide Web pages.

Besides his hard work for the Society for many years, Rod is recognized as one always finding time to contribute to discussions, always responding to requests for ideas, thoughts and assistance, always being present at meetings, and most of all, always contributing constructively and thoughtfully for the good of the Society.