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The HERDSA Fellowship Scheme offers HERDSA members an opportunity to be part of a vibrant community of practitioners and researchers interested in improving teaching and learning in tertiary education. The Fellowship Scheme seeks to improve the quality of educational practice through critical reflection, recognize and reward good educational practice, and offers an avenue for peer collaboration among the community of Fellows and Associate Fellows.

The Fellowship Scheme Handbook explains in full detail how the process works. 

Fellowship Scheme Handbook_6_5_2014.pdf (743KB)


The Panel of Assessors have developed a document of advice for prospective applicants.

2014_PoA_advice_May_2014.pdf (98KB Log in to download this document)


You can also access the Assessors handbook to see what it is that the assessors use to guide the development of their feedback.

HERDSA Fellowship Assessor's Handbook.docx(197KB Log in to download this document)


Who is the scheme for?

The Fellowship Scheme is for HERDSA members who are academics or leaders and have made a significant personal commitment to the improvement of teaching and learning in a tertiary education context. Fellows may come from a range of positions including: discipline-focused academic, educational developer, student support, or leadership roles.

What‘s involved?

Once your application to become an Associate Fellow is accepted, you have two years to prepare a Portfolio under the guidance of a mentor. The Portfolio is assessed by two Fellows from a Panel of Assessors, and successful completion leads to the award of a Fellowship.

The cost of participating

Hold a Current HERDSA Membership or join and become a member (you need to be a HERDSA member to participate)  $165.00 payment and this lasts until your next membership renewal

Initial Associate Fellowship joining fee to join the Fellowship $110 (paid once only and excludes the yearly required membership fee)

Annual Renewal  yearly membership fee  required $215 (for Associate Fellows and Fellows - payable on the LEFT side of your home page, this includes the yearly membership for HERDSA)

Portfolio submission fee payable on submission of your portfolio a one off payment for your portfolio to be reviewed by two experts - $250

Why bother?

The Fellowship Scheme provides opportunities for:

  • Personal and professional development
  • Connections: collegiality and collaboration
  • Recognition of achievements for career advancement.

The process

Step 1: If you aren't already a HERDSA member, join HERDSA via the How to Join webpage.

Step 2: Download the HERDSA Fellowship Application Form. Identify a mentor from amongst the HERDSA Fellows and Associate Fellows community who you think will most support your professional development goals. You can contact the potential mentor directly or you can request the Fellowship committee match you with a mentor.

Submit your completed Application Form and a two-page CV via email, to

HERDSA Fellowship Application Form.docx (54KB Log in to download this document).


Step 3. Pay the $110 initial fee to HERDSA through the Application page in the members dashboard. If you experience difficulties doing this please contact

Step 4: Develop your Portfolio over an 24 month period, working with your mentor to address the criteria and to demonstrate your commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. Use the HERDSA Fellowship Template to develop your portfolio and consider the advice from the Panel of Assessors in developing your portfolio

HERDSA Fellowship Template.dotx (66KB Log in to download this document)


Step 5: Submit your Portfolio by emailing it to  You must receive a receipt for the portfolio so please contact if you have not received this within 24 hrs.

Pay the $250 assessment fee via your membership home page..

Your Portfolio is then assessed by two Fellows from the Panel of Assessors who use the Assessor's Handbook to guide their judgment

   HERDSA Fellowship Assessor's Handbook (197KB Log in to download this document)


Step 6: After successful completion of your Portfolio, the HERDSA Executive awards the Fellowship, which is formally conferred at the annual conference.


Fellowship development opportunities

HERDSA Fellows and Associate Fellows become part of a vibrant network of scholars who are able to engage in professional development and serve HERDSA and the broader tertiary education community.

If you want to improve the quality of your education practice within the tertiary education sector and thereby improve the quality of student learning and academic development outcomes; and if you have want to have your education practice recognised, then this is the Scheme for you!

For further information, contact the HERDSA Office  on +61 2 97713911 or email