Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 40 No.3

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Impacts of a professional practice doctorate: a collaborative enquiry
David Boud, Carol Costley, Steve Marshall & Brian Sutton, Pages: 431-445

The battle-hardened academic: an exploration of the resilience of university academics in the face of ongoing criticism and rejection of their research
Hannah Chan, Trevor G. Mazzucchelli & Clare S. Rees, Pages: 446-460

Don’t let anyone bring me down again’: applying ‘possible selves’ to understanding persistence of mature-age first-in-family students
Janine Delahunty & Sarah O’Shea, Pages: 461-475

Finding the familiar in the strange: transcultural learning as rihla رحلة at an Australian university
T. Dobinson, M. McAlinden, P. Mercieca & T. Bogachenko, Pages: 476-490

Experimental evidence for a first-year experience course plus mentoring on moderate-income university students’ engagement, achievement, and persistence
Dan Fitzpatrick, Daniel A. Collier, Ceceilia Parnther, Yu Du, Chelsea Brehm, Angela Willson-Conrad, Andrea Beach & Keith Hearit< Pages: 491-507

Style or substance: how Australian universities contextualise their graduate attributes for the curriculum quality space
Sara Hammer, Peter Ayriss & Amanda McCubbin, Pages: 508-523

Experiences of university employees of the impact of a mindful self-care and resiliency program on their well-being
Desley Hegney, Lily Tsai, Mark Craigie, Christopher Crawford, Sarah Jay & Clare Rees, Pages: 524-537

Publishing and flourishing: writing for desire in higher education
Marion Heron, Karen Gravett & Nadya Yakovchuk, Pages: 538-551

Students as partners practices and theorisations in Asia: a scoping review
Yifei Liang & Kelly E. Matthews, Pages: 552-566

Exploring the campus experiences of underrepresented low-income college students through emotion mapping
Eleni Oikonomidoy, Adrienne L. Edwards, Matthew Aguirre, Maria Sandra Jimenez, Joseph Lykes, Mariluz Garcia & Tamara Guinn, Pages: 567-580

Towards a pedagogical and sociotechnical framework for the strategic integration of mobile learning in higher education in low and middle income countries
Safiya Okai-Ugbaje, Pages: 581-598

Reframing first-generation entry: how the familial habitus shapes aspirations for higher education among prospective first-generation students
Sally Patfield, Jenny Gore & Leanne Fray, Pages: 599-612

Challenging or consolidating neoliberalism: prominent discursive traces on a university-level citizenship course
Abdulkerim Sen, Pages: 613-626

The effects of informal cooperative learning pedagogy on teaching effectiveness, task orientation, and learning satisfaction in undergraduate classrooms in Ethiopia
Tefera Tadesse, Robyn M. Gillies & Catherine Manathunga, Pages: 627-645

Characterizing university faculty’s perceptions of scholarly teaching in engineering education: a social realistic perspective
Tengteng Zhuang & Ya-Ting Huang, Pages: 646-660

Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 40