Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 39 No. 2

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Tensions for educational developers in the digital university: developing the person, developing the product
Claire Aitchison Rowena Harper Negin Mirriahi Cally Guerin, Pages: 171-184

Persisting students’ explanations of and emotional responses to academic failure
Rola Ajjawi, Mary Dracup, Nadine Zacharias, Sue Bennett & David Boud, Pages: 185-199

Exploring the connection between impostor phenomenon and postgraduate students feeling academically-unprepared
Jonathan Cisco, Pages: 200-214

Methods for assessing higher education research team collaboration: comparing research outputs and participant perceptions across four collaborative research teams
Nick Kelly, Joanne Doyle & Marisa Parker, Pages: 215-229

Internal branding in higher education: dialectical tensions underlying the discursive legitimation of a new brand of student diversity
Jelle Mampaey, Vanja Schtemberg, Jos Schijns, Jeroen Huisman & Arild Wæraas, Pages: 230-243

Typical scope of time commitment and research outputs of Thesis by Publication in Australia
Shannon Mason, M.K. Merga & J.E. Morris, Pages: 244-258

Towards a structural inequality framework for student retention and success
Ryan Naylor & Nathan Mifsud, Pages: 259-272

Assessing students’ perceptions of fit between secondary and higher education: a validation study of the SPFQ
D. Noyens, T. van Daal, L. Coertjens, P. Van Petegem & V. Donche, Pages: 273-287

PhD by Publication: innovative approach to social science research, or operationalisation of the doctoral student  … or both?
Patrick O’Keeffe, Pages: 288-301

Student perceptions of effective lecturers: the need to recognise the role of ethnicity and choice of discipline
Farzad Radmehr, Hon Luamanuvao Winnie Laban, John Overton & Leon Bakker, Pages: 302-317

Legitimising transgression: design and delivery of a science Work Integrated Learning program that draws on students’ extant work in diverse, non-science fields
Susan Rowland, Deanne Gannaway, Rhianna Pedwell, Peter Adams, Robyn Evans, Hailey Bonner & Kai Sheng Wong, Pages: 318-331

Mature students’ journey into higher education in the UK: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
Yasmin Saddler & E. C. Sundin, Pages: 332-345

Academics’ perspectives of the teaching and development of generic employability skills in science curricula
Mahbub Sarkar, Tina Overton, Christopher D. Thompson & Gerry Rayner, Pages: 346-361

Gendered inequalities in competitive grant funding: an overlooked dimension of gendered power relations in academia
Finnborg S. Steinþórsdóttir, ,Þorgerður Einarsdóttir, Gyða M. Pétursdóttir & Susan Himmelweit, Pages: 362-375

A sense of belonging among Australian university students
Evianne L. van Gijn-Grosvenor & Penelope Huisman, Pages: 376-389

Book Reviews

A connected curriculum for higher education by Dilly Fung, London, UCL Press, 2017, 167 pp., $18.02 (paperback) ISBN 9781911576358
Amani Bell, Pages: 390-392

No end of a lesson by Stuart Macintyre, André Brett and Gwilym Croucher, Melbourne, Melbourne University Press, 2017, 332 pp., A$49.99 (paperback), ISBN 9780522871906
Barbara M. Grant, Pages: 392-394


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Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 39