Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 39 No. 1

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Re-valuing Higher Education: Learning(s) and teaching(s) in contested spaces
Edited by Susan Blackley, Ann Luzeckyj & Sharron King, 

"Editorial: Re-valuing higher education: learning(s) and teaching(s) in contested spaces
Susan Blackley, Ann Luzeckyj & Sharron King, Pages: 1-12

‘Profitable for the country’. An Australian historical perspective of the contested purpose of public universities
Tim Pitman, Pages: 13-25

Towards a critical re-conceptualization of the purpose of higher education: the role of Ubuntu-Currere in re-imagining teaching and learning in South African higher education
Mlamuli Nkosingphile Hlatshwayo & Lester Brian Shawa, Pages: 26-38

Value for learning during this time of transformation: the first-year students’ perspective
Shalini Dukhan, Pages: 39-52

Re-valuing research in theological education
Darren Cronshaw, Pages: 53-66

Shift happens; moving from the ivory tower to the mushroom factory
Aimee Wheaton, Pages: 67-80

Love acts and revolutionary praxis: challenging the neoliberal university through a teaching scholars development program
Reem Al-Mahmood, Gerardo Papalia, Sinead Barry, Minh Nguyet Nguyen, Juliane Roemhild, Terri Meehan-Andrews, Brianna Julien, Colleen Holt, Lucas Bester, Chris Bruce, Rebecca Miles, Cheryl Neilson & Judy Louie, Pages: 81-98

Seeing institutionally: a rationale for ‘teach the University’ in student and staff partnerships
Tai Peseta & Amani Bell, Pages: 99-112

Being more human: rooting learning analytics through resistance and reconnection with the values of higher education
Sarah Parkes, Adam Benkwitz, Helen Bardy, Kerry Myler & John Peters, Pages: 113-126

A critical examination of informal learning spaces
Naomi Berman, Pages: 127-140

Tracing the changing value of higher education through English prospectuses 1976–2013
Elizabeth Knight, Pages: 141-155

‘Truth before reconciliation’: the difficulties of transforming higher education in settler colonial contexts
Sharon Stein, Pages: 156-170


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Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 39