Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 38 No. 6

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Resilience in higher education students: a scoping review
Margo. L. Brewer, Gisela van Kessel, Brooke Sanderson, Fiona Naumann, Murray Lane, Alan Reubenson & Alice Carter, Pages: 1105-1120

Defining the dynamic role of Australian academic skills advisors
Simon Evans, Ariana Henderson & Sally Ashton-Hay, Pages: 1121-1137

A taxonomy of emotion and cognition for student reflection: introducing emo-cog
Marina Harvey, Chris Baumann & Vanessa Fredericks, Pages: 1138-1153

‘Power to empower’: conceptions of teaching and learning in a pedagogical co-design partnership
Denise Higgins, Adelaide Dennis, Angela Stoddard, Alexander G. Maier & Susan Howitt, Pages: 1154-1167

Factors of success: building and sustaining teaching professional development opportunities for doctoral students and postdocs
Lucas B. Hill, Ann E. Austin, Bipana Bantawa & Julia N. Savoy, Pages: 1168-1182

English-medium instruction in law and the humanities in higher education: the role of teacher identity
Yi-Ping Huang, Pages: 1183-1196

Engaging, innovating and inspiring: the paradox of the mediated voice of award-winning teachers
Alison C. Kuiper & Sarah J. Stein, Pages: 1197-1212

Why are some universities better? An evaluation in terms of organizational culture and academic performance
Mehmet Fatih Köse & Mehmet Korkmaz, Pages: 1213-1226

‘Timescapes’ in doctoral education: the politics of temporal equity in higher education
Catherine Manathunga, Pages: 1227-1239

Motivations, barriers, & understandings: how students at four universities perceive student–faculty partnership programs
Elizabeth Marquis, Ajitha Jayaratnam, Tianqi Lei & Anamika Mishra, Pages: 1240-1254

Intersectionality in higher education research: a systematic literature review
Sue Nichols & Garth Stahl, Pages: 1255-1268

University reputation and undergraduates’ self-perceived employability: mediating influence of experiential learning activities
Oluyomi S. Pitan & Colette Muller, Pages: 1269-1284

Umbrella action research projects as a mechanism for learning and teaching quality enhancement
David Kember, Tracy Douglas, Tracey Muir & Susan Salter, Pages: 1285-1298

‘Left with a title but nothing else’: the challenges of embedding professional recognition schemes for teachers within higher education institutions
Lucy Spowart, Jennie Winter, Rebecca Turner, Penny Burden, Kathryn Ann Botham, Reema Muneer, Hendrik van der Sluis & Isabel Huet, Pages: 1299-1312

Impact of a pre-college outreach programme on the academic achievements of higher education students: a case study of Chile
Juan I. Venegas-Muggli, Pages: 1313-1327


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Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 38