Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 38 No. 4

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Pains and gains of working in Chinese universities: an academic returnee's journey
Bin Ai, Pages: 661-673

How universities can enhance student mental wellbeing: the student perspective
Chi Baik, Wendy Larcombe & Abi Brooker, Pages: 674-687

‘I wouldn’t have been culturally safe’: health science students’ experiences of transformative learning within Indigenous Studies
Jonathan Bullen & Lynne Roberts, Pages: 688-702

Openness and reciprocity: Indigenous community requirements for hosting university students
Phil Crane, Mark Brough & Tarita Fisher, Pages: 703-716

Improving engagement in an early career academic setting: can existing models guide early career academic support strategies?
Erica Crome, Lois Meyer, Agnes Bosanquet & Lesley Hughes, Pages: 717-732

Fostering self-efficacy and self-regulation in higher education: a matter of autonomy support or academic motivation?
Dorothy Duchatelet & Vincent Donche, Pages: 733-747

Authentic assessment for a more inclusive history
Hannah Forsyth & Jedidiah Evans, Pages: 748-761

A preliminary study of multiple college admission criteria in Taiwan: the relationship among motivation, standardized tests, high school achievements, and college success
Tzu-Ling Hsieh, Pages: 762-779

Enabling transformation through critical engagement and reflexivity: a case study of South African academics
Grace Ese-osa Idahosa & Louise Vincent, Pages: 780-792

The value of academics’ formal and informal interaction in developing life science education
Nina Katajavuori, Viivi Virtanen, Mirja Ruohoniemi, Hanni Muukkonen & Auli Toom, Pages: 793-806

A seamless blend of research and professional practice: dual coupling in engineering education
Marie Magnell & Lars Geschwind, Pages: 807-818

A proposed framework and tool for non-economic research impact measurement
Vincent Mitchell, Pages: 819-832

Implementing constructive alignment in higher education – cross-institutional perspectives from Australia
Gesa Ruge, Olubukola Tokede & Linda Tivendale, Pages: 833-848

Teaching and learning cultures in higher education: a mismatch in conceptions
Ornit Sagy, Yotam Hod & Yael Kali, Pages: 849-863

Transitioning from a foundation studies program to university: a study of mainland Chinese students
Ian Teo & Sophia Arkoudis, Pages: 864-877


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Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 38