Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 38 No. 3

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Facilitating graduate student and faculty member writing groups: experiences from a university in Japan
Todd James Allen, Pages: 435-449

Overcoming feudal constraints on educational research in Spain: the impact of the CIMIE conference
Adriana Aubert, Pilar Álvarez, Sandra Girbés-Peco & Silvia Molina, Pages: 450-464

A general framework for cultivating innovations in higher education curriculum
Christopher Bajada, Peter Kandlbinder & Rowan Trayler, Pages: 465-478

From the outside in: tutor perspectives of student transformative experiences within Indigenous Studies health education
Jonathan Bullen & Lynne Roberts, Pages: 479-493

Joining the research conversation: threshold concepts embedded in the literature review
Meeta Chatterjee-Padmanabhan, Wendy Nielsen & Sarah Sanders, Pages: 494-507

The role of social networks in the transitional experiences of international African doctoral students at one university in South Africa
Chaya Herman & Charity L. Meki Kombe, Pages: 508-521

Armed with real guns: student unions, student identity, and violence in Côte d’Ivoire
Ane Turner Johnson, Pages: 522-536

Threats to student evaluative judgement and their management
Gordon Joughin, David Boud & Phillip Dawson, Pages: 537-549

Disruptions and bridges in rural Australia: higher education aspiration to expectation of participation
Sue Kilpatrick, Robin Katersky Barnes, Jennifer Heath, Alex Lovat, Wee-Ching Kong, Nicholas Flittner & Samantha Avitaia, Pages: 550-564

Contribution of the doctoral education environment to PhD candidates’ mental health problems: a scoping review
Sylvia Anne Mackie & Glen William Bates, Pages: 565-578

Informed learning design: teaching and learning through engagement with information
Clarence Maybee, Christine Susan Bruce, Mandy Lupton & Ming Fai Pang, Pages: 579-593

Found my place: the importance of faculty relationships for seniors’ sense of belonging
Angie L. Miller, Latosha M. Williams & Samantha M. Silberstein, Pages: 594-608

The truths of business and the lies of academia: the order of discourse on higher education in Poland
Helena Ostrowicka & Łukasz Stankiewicz, Pages: 609-622

The ‘double-edged sword’ of a sessional academic career
Julia Richardson, Dorothy Wardale & Linley Lord, Pages: 623-637

Opportunities for intra-university collaborations in the new research environment
Kathryn M. Steel, Helen Thompson & Wendy Wright, Pages: 638-652

Book reviews

Universities and the occult rituals of the corporate world: higher education and metaphorical parallels with myth and magic
Nattalia Godbold, Pages: 653-655

Higher education, meritocracy and inequality in China
Fei Guo, Pages: 655-657

Contextualizing and organizing contingent faculty – reclaiming academic labor in universities
Ning Pan, Pages: 657-659


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Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 38