Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 38 No. 2

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Finnish adult students’ perspectives on short-cycle study programmes: motives and evaluations
Helena Aittola & Jani Ursin, Pages: 205-218

Beyond grades: developing knowledge sharing in learning communities as a graduate attribute
Jasperina Brouwer & Ellen Jansen, Pages: 219-234

Let me edutain you! Practices of student engagement employed by new lecturers
Harriet Dismore, Rebecca Turner & Rong Huang, Pages: 235-249

Creative arts outreach initiatives in schools: effects on university expectations and discussions about university with important socialisers
Antoinette Geagea, Lynette Vernon & Judith MacCallum, Pages: 250-265

Pedagogic practices to support international students in seminar discussions
Marion Heron, Pages: 266-279

Toward theories of partnership praxis: an analysis of interpretive framing in literature on students as partners in teaching and learning
Kelly E. Matthews, Alison Cook-Sather, Anita Acai, Sam Lucie Dvorakova, Peter Felten, Elizabeth Marquis & Lucy Mercer-Mapstone, Pages: 280-293

Small fish in a small pond: the impact of collaborative learning on academic success for less-prepared students in a highly selective STEM environment
Marina Micari & Pilar Pazos, Pages: 294-306

Access to languages other than English in Australian universities: an educational pipeline of privilege
Tebeje Molla, Andrew Harvey & Sam Sellar, Pages: 307-323

Beyond English language proficiency scores: understanding the academic performance of international undergraduate students during the first year of study
Heike Neumann, Nina Padden & Kim McDonough, Pages: 324-338

Teaching university teachers to become better teachers: the effects of pedagogical training courses at six Swedish universities
Jörgen Ödalen, Douglas Brommesson, Gissur Ó. Erlingsson, Johan Karlsson Schaffer & Mattias Fogelgren, Pages: 339-353

Reflecting critically on the critical disposition within Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC): the developmental journey of a curriculum design team
Tejaswini Patil Vishwanath & Jane Mummery, Pages: 354-368

A comparative institutional analysis on strategies that graduates use to show they are ‘employable’: a critical discussion on the cases of Australia, Japan, and Vietnam
Eisuke Saito & Thanh Pham, Pages: 369-382

Defining the nature of blended learning through its depiction in current research
Karen Smith & John Hill, Pages: 383-397

The story of Samantha: the teaching performances and inauthenticities of an early career human geography lecturer
Samantha Wilkinson, Pages: 398-410

Exploring cultures of feedback practice: the adoption of learning-focused feedback practices in the UK and Australia
Naomi Winstone & David Boud, Pages: 411-425

Book reviews

Quality assurance and institutional transformation: the Chinese experience
Gerardo Blanco, Pages: 426-428

Narrative research in practice: stories from the field
Marianne Dickie, Pages: 428-430

Spaces of teaching and learning: integrating perspectives on research and practice
Alisa Percy, Pages: 430-433


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Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 38