Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 38 No. 1

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New perspectives on reading and writing across the disciplines
Judith Seaboyer & Tully Barnett, Pages: 1-10


Why read?
Karen Manarin, Pages: 11-23

Decolonising the reading of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writing: reflection as transformative practice
Sandra R. Phillips & Clare Archer-Lean, Pages: 24-37

Reading, engagement and higher education
David Aldridge, Pages: 38-50

‘How does this book relate to me?’ Personal engagement and critical enquiry in the literary studies classroom
Juliane Römhild, Pages: 51-62

‘What I thought university would be like … ’ close reading as collaborative performance
Ian Maxwell, Pages: 63-76

Writing the client: the role of fictocriticism and prose fiction in the architectural design studio
Stephanie Liddicoat, Pages: 77-96

A postdigital paradigm in literary studies
Stephen Abblitt, Pages: 97-109

Using innovative teaching practices to inspire critically engaged reading and writing in a neoliberal university environment
Kerry Kilner, Natalie Collie & Jennifer Clement, Pages: 110-123

The Reading Lab: ‘failure’, dynamic teaching and reflective practice in growing the skill of reading
Kate Douglas, Pages: 124-141

The invisibility of academic reading as social practice and its implications for equity in higher education: a scoping study
Sally Baker, Bongi Bangeni, Rachel Burke & Aditi Hunma, Pages: 142-156

Handling the loss of innocence: first-time exchange of writing and feedback in doctoral supervision
John Wei, Susan Carter & Deborah Laurs, Pages: 157-169

Leveraging reading-writing connections through three transformative reading lenses
Zack K. De Piero, Pages: 170-184

Writing time: A rhythmic analysis of contemporary academic writing
Fadia Dakka & Alex Wade, Pages: 185-197

Book reviews

Deep reading: teaching reading in the writing classroom
Jessica Gildersleeve, Pages: 198-200

A handbook for doctoral supervisors
Nancy November, Pages: 200-202

Mass intellectuality and democratic leadership in higher education
Malcolm Tight, Pages: 202-204


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Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 38