Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 37 No. 6

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Academic career: on institutions, social capital and gender
Petra Angervall, Jan Gustafsson & Eva Silfver, Pages: 1095-1108

Simulated learning for generic communication competency development: a case study of Australian post-graduate pharmacy students
Michelle Barker, Jasmina Fejzic & Anita S. Mak, Pages: 1109-1123

Was it worth it? A qualitative exploration into graduate perceptions of doctoral value
Billy Bryan & Kay Guccione, Pages: 1124-1140

Exploring the complex and non-linear evolution of Chinese international students’ experiences in US colleges
Tang T. Heng, Pages: 1141-1155

The middle years slump: addressing student-reported barriers to academic progress
Colin Jevons & Sophie Lindsay, Pages: 1156-1170

The implied PhD student of interdisciplinary research projects within monodisciplinary structures
Katrine Lindvig, Pages: 1171-1185

Understanding international students’ in-class learning experiences in Chinese higher education institutions
Jiani Ma & Qin Wen, Pages: 1186-1200

Higher education learner identity for successful student transitions
Karen MacFarlane, Pages: 1201-1215

Student time choices and success
Stephen J. Marshall, Pages: 1216-1230

Publications in the doctoral thesis: challenges for doctoral candidates, supervisors, examiners and administrators
Shannon Mason, Pages: 1231-1244

Effects of instructional conditions and experience on student reflection: a video annotation study
Negin Mirriahi, Srećko Joksimović, Dragan Gašević & Shane Dawson, Pages: 1245-1259

‘Hardworking, determined and happy’: first-year students’ understanding and experience of success
Catherine Picton, Ella R. Kahu & Karen Nelson, Pages: 1260-1273

Learning to write in the university after the writing course is over: what helps second language writers?
Gillian Skyrme, Pages: 1274-1286

Investigating higher Education Students’ Professional Socialisation: a revised framework
Katrine Sonnenschein, Michelle Barker & Ray Hibbins, Pages: 1287-1301

A student-centred approach: a qualitative exploration of how students experience access and success in a South African University of Technology
Nomkhosi Xulu-Gama, S. R. Nhari, A. Alcock & M. Cavanagh, Pages: 1302-1314

Book reviews

Successful university teaching in times of diversity
Sally Kift PFHEA, Pages: 1315-1317

The flipped college classroom: conceptualized and re-conceptualized
Chia-Wen Tsai & I-Chun Chiang, Pages: 1317-1320


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