Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 37 No. 5

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Frontier perspectives and insights into higher education student success
Hamish Coates & Kelly E. Matthews, Pages: 903-907

‘We need more mob doing research’: developing university strategies to facilitate successful pathways for Indigenous students into Higher Degrees by Research
Katelyn Barney, Pages: 908-922

Listening to equity-seeking perspectives: how students’ experiences of pedagogical partnership can inform wider discussions of student success
Alison Cook-Sather, Pages: 923-936

Explaining individual student success using continuous assessment types and student characteristics
Indira N. Z. Day, Floris M. van Blankenstein, P. Michiel Westenberg & Wilfried F. Admiraal, Pages: 937-951

The ‘success’ of Looked After Children in Higher Education in England: near peer coaching, ‘small steps’ and future thinking
Louise Gazeley & Tamsin Hinton-Smith, Pages: 952-965

Can curriculum help career success? An empirical research on the perceived employability of students
Jibao Gu, Di Zhao & Jianlin Wu, Pages: 966-983

Evidencing student success in the contemporary world-of-work: renewing our thinking
Denise Jackson & Ruth Bridgstock, Pages: 984-998

Assessing college critical thinking: preliminary results from the Chinese HEIghten® Critical Thinking assessment
Ou Lydia Liu, Amy Shaw, Lin Gu, Guirong Li, Shangfeng Hu, Ningning Yu, Liping Ma, Changqing Xu, Fei Guo, Qi Su, Elena Kardanovaj, Igor Chirikov, Jinghuan Shi, Zhaolei Shi, Huan Wang & Prashant Loyalka, Pages: 999-1014

Expansion and inequality of higher education in China: how likely would Chinese poor students get to success?
Yan Luo, Fei Guo & Jinghuan Shi, Pages: 1015-1034

What are the factors that contribute to postgraduate international students’ academic success? A Malaysian qualitative study
Jasvir Kaur Nachatar Singh, Pages: 1035-1049

Failing with student success: the hidden role of bad luck and false empowerment
Robert Nelson, Pages: 1050-1061

Getting through the day and still having a smile on my face! How do students define success in the university learning environment?
Sarah O'Shea & Janine Delahunty, Pages: 1062-1075

Finding their way in post-secondary education: the power of peers as connectors, coaches, co-constructors and copycats
Diliana Peregrina-Kretz, Tricia Seifert, Christine Arnold & Jeffrey Burrow, Pages: 1076-1090

Book reviews

Research handbook on quality, performance and accountability in higher education
Cindy Cogswell, Pages: 1091-1092

Assessing quality in postsecondary education: international perspectives
David Trick, Pages: 1093-1094




Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 37