Higher Education Research & Development, Vol 37 No. 4

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Should first-year doctoral students be supervised collectively or individually? Effects on thesis completion and time to completion
Hans Agné & Ulf Mörkenstam, Pages: 669-682

Too much, too soon? A critical investigation into factors that make Flipped Classrooms effective
Darren P. M. Comber & Mirjam Brady-Van den Bos, Pages: 683-697

Exploring interdisciplinary academic development: the Change Laboratory as an approach to team-based practice
Claire Englund, Pages: 698-714

Bolstering graduates’ success through working as student ambassadors in university widening participation programs
Susanne Gannon, Danielle Tracey & Jacqueline Ullman, Pages: 715-729

Developing a generic review framework to assure capstone quality
Sara Hammer, Lindy Abawi, Peter Gibbings, Hazel Jones, Petrea Redmond & Syed Shams, Pages: 730-743

Means-ends decoupling at the state level and managerial responses to multiple organisational identities in Ukrainian research universities
Myroslava Hladchenko, Don F. Westerheijden & Harry F. de Boer, Pages: 744-757

Revisiting the research–teaching nexus in a managerial context: exploring the complexity of multi-layered factors
Yating Huang, Pages: 758-772

Retention in a Bachelor of Education (Early childhood studies) course: students say why they stay and others leave
Gillian Kirk, Pages: 773-787

Quality of WIL assessment design in higher education: a systematic literature review
Michelle Lasen, Snowy Evans, Komla Tsey, Claire Campbell & Irina Kinchin, Pages: 788-804

Indigenous graduate research students in Australia: a critical review of the research
Nikki Moodie, Shaun Ewen, Julie McLeod & Chris Platania-Phung, Pages: 805-820

Graduate attributes for 2020 and beyond: recommendations for Australian higher education providers
Beverley Oliver & Trina Jorre de St Jorre, Pages: 821-836

Ensuring Indigenous cultural respect in Australian undergraduate nursing students
Tamara Power, Claudia Virdun, Edward Gorman, Anna Doab, Rachel Smith, Angela Phillips & Joanne Gray, Pages: 837-851

Frustrated academic writers
Helen Sword, Evija Trofimova & Madeleine Ballard, Pages: 852-867

Writing groups as transformative spaces
Kirstin Wilmot & Sioux McKenna, Pages: 868-882

Dialogue within peer feedback processes: clarification and negotiation of meaning
Qiyun Zhu & David Carless, Pages: 883-897

Book reviews

Hope, utopia, and creativity in higher education: pedagogical tactics for alternative futures
Fay Al Khalifa, Pages: 898-900

Developing research writing: a handbook for supervisors and advisors
Meeta Chatterjee Padmanabhan, Pages: 900-902



Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 37