Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 37 No. 3

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A framework for designing, implementing, communicating and researching peer assessment
Chie Adachi, Joanna Tai & Phillip Dawson, Pages: 453-467

Psychological health of doctoral candidates, study-related challenges and perceived performance
K. M. Barry, M. Woods, E. Warnecke, C. Stirling & A. Martin, Pages: 468-483

Student psychological distress and degree dropout or completion: a discrete-time, competing risks survival analysis
Stefan Cvetkovski, Anthony F. Jorm & Andrew J. Mackinnon, Pages: 484-498

A Dialogic Feedback Index measuring key aspects of feedback processes in online learning environments
A. Espasa, T. Guasch, R.M. Mayordomo, M. Martínez-Melo & D. Carless, Pages: 499-513

Constructive content-based feedback in EAP contexts: lessons from a cross-border engineering-related pre-sessional course
William Guariento, Anna Rolinska & Nazmi Al-Masri, Pages: 514-532

Mid-career academic women and the prestige economy
Camille B. Kandiko Howson, Kelly Coate & Tania de St Croix, Pages: 533-548

Emotional distress when studying sensitive topics in psychology, and its relationship with hardiness and mental health
Celine Leslie & Amanda D. Hutchinson, Pages: 549-564

Toward multimodal inquiry: opportunities, challenges and implications of multimodality for research and scholarship
Ioana Literat, Anna Conover, Elizabeth Herbert-Wasson, Karen Kirsch Page, Joseph Riina-Ferrie, Rachael Stephens, Sawaros Thanapornsangsuth & Lalitha Vasudevan, Pages: 565-578

Mapping the field of Higher Education Research using PhD examination reports
Sioux McKenna, Lynn Quinn & Jo-Anne Vorster, Pages: 579-592

Disparate faculty perspectives on system changes in higher education
Joaquim S. Silva, Paulo Peixoto & Adelaide Freitas, Pages: 593-606

Higher education journals: their characteristics and contribution
Malcolm Tight, Pages: 607-619

The relevance of identity style and professional identity to academic commitment and academic achievement in a higher education setting
F. Ruric Vogel & Salomé Human-Vogel, Pages: 620-634

Mind the gap: Chinese diploma student views of bridges and barriers to transferring into a Canadian university
Rebecca Wilson-Mah & Eugene Thomlinson, Pages: 635-648

Uncomfortable curricula? A survey of academic practices and attitudes to delivering Indigenous content in health professional degrees
Naomi Wolfe, Loretta Sheppard, Peter Le Rossignol & Shawn Somerset, Pages: 649-662

Book reviews

The idea of the PhD: the doctorate in the twenty-first-century imagination
Susan Carter, Pages: 663-665

Higher education as a public good: critical perspectives on theory, policy and practice
Nicola Dunham, Pages: 665-667



Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 37