Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 37 No. 2

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Higher education for public value: taking the debate beyond New Public Management
Bruno Broucker, Kurt De Wit & Jef C. Verhoeven, Pages: 227-240

Individuation, vitalism and space in the overseas study tour
David R. Cole, Pages: 241-253

Sharing practices, but what is the story? Exploring award-winning teachers’ conceptions of teaching
Mark Gan Joo Seng & Johan Geertsema, Pages: 254-269

Cooperative learning on an international masters
Mairin Laura Hennebry & Kenneth Fordyce, Pages: 270-284

Professional development for sessional staff in higher education: a review of current evidence
Danielle Hitch, Paige Mahoney & Susie Macfarlane, Pages: 285-300

Do university students, alumni, educators and employers link assessment and graduate employability?
Shelley Kinash, Laura McGillivray & Linda Crane, Pages: 301-315

Re-inventing researcher identity: when the individual interacts with the contextual power dynamics
Sefika Mertkan & Hatice Bayrakli, Pages: 316-327

Identifying attrition risk based on the first year experience
Ryan Naylor, Chi Baik & Sophia Arkoudis, Pages: 328-342

Assessing the performance of educational research in Australian universities: an alternative perspective
Laura B. Perry, Pages: 343-358

An analysis of small group interactions of Vietnamese students under the Bourdieusian theoretical lens
Thanh Pham & Lam Pham, Pages: 359-372

A systematic literature review of faculty development for teacher educators
Tam T. Phuong, S. Catherine Cole & Jill Zarestky, Pages: 373-389

What’s next? Experiences of a formal course for academic developers
Melanie Skead, Pages: 390-403

Relationship quality time: the validation of a relationship quality scale in higher education
Ingrid Snijders, Remy M. J. P. Rikers, Lisette Wijnia & Sofie M. M. Loyens, Pages: 404-417

Variation in clinical placement supervisors’ conceptions of and approaches to supervision in a veterinary internship programme
ngrid van Gelderen, Susan M. Matthew, Graham D. Hendry & Rosanne Taylor, Pages: 418-432

Student engagement in neo-liberal times: what is missing?
Nick Zepke, Pages: 433-446

Book reviews

First-in-family students, university experience & family life
Bonnie Amelia Dean, Pages: 447-449

The graduate school mess: what caused it and how we can fix it
Linlin Xu & Barbara M. Grant, Pages: 449-451



Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 37