Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 36, No. 1

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Higher Education Research & Development: Vol 36, No 1

Editorial: Southern theories and higher education
Catherine Manathunga & Barbara Grant, Pages: 1-3

Southern theory and world universities
Raewyn Connell, Pages: 4-15

Working from where we are: a response from Aotearoa New Zealand
Avril Bell, Pages: 16-20

Animating southern theory in the context of Thai higher education: a response from Thailand
Adisorn Juntrasook, & James Burford, Pages: 21-27

When the lion tells the story: a response from South Africa
Zodwa Motsa, Pages: 28-35

Higher education for the public good in post-conflict societies – curricular justice and pedagogical demands: a response from Cyprus and South Africa
Michalinos Zembylas, Pages: 36-42


A framework for enabling graduate outcomes in undergraduate programmes
C. H. Bond, R. Spronken-Smith, A. McLean, N. Smith, S. Frielick, M. Jenkins, & S. Marshall, Pages: 43-58

Understanding the graphical challenges faced by vision-impaired students in Australian universities
Matthew Butler, Leona Holloway, Kim Marriott, & Cagatay Goncu, Pages: 59-72

Teaching with technology in higher education: understanding conceptual change and development in practice
Claire Englund, Anders D. Olofsson, & Linda Price, Pages: 73-87

Supporting inclusive practicum experiences for international students across the social sciences: building industry capacity
Kathleen Felton, & Gai Harrison, Pages: 88-101

Future-orientated approaches to curriculum development: fictive scripting
James Garraway, Pages: 102-115

Conceptualizing impact in academic development: finding a way through
Anna Jones, Simon Lygo-Baker, Sharon Markless, Bart Rienties, & Roberto Di Napoli, Pages: 116-128

Demystifying the rubric: a five-step pedagogy to improve student understanding and utilisation of marking criteria
Lorraine Jones, Bill Alle, Peter Dunn, & Lesley Brooker, Pages: 129-142

Perceptions of tutoring roles and psychological distance among instructors, tutors and students at a Korean university
Hye-Jung Lee, Youngil Hong, & Hyoseon Choi, Pages: 143-157

Student learning approaches in the UAE: the case for the achieving domain
James McLaughlin & Philip Durrant, Pages: 158-170

Teaching is … opening up spaces to explore academic work in fluid and volatile times
Kirsten Sadler, Mark Selkrig & Catherine Manathunga, Pages: 171-186

Travelling academics: the lived experience of academics moving across countries
Liisa Uusimaki & Susanne Garvis, Pages: 187-200

The effects of college students’ positive thinking, learning motivation and self-regulation through a self-reflection intervention in Taiwan
Hsin-Hui Wang, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Huann-Shyang Lin & Zuway-R Hong, Pages: 201-216

Points for debate

Systematic reviews: inducting research students into scholarly conversations?
Janni Leung, Alize Ferrari, Amanda Baxter, Mariyana Schoultz, Michelle Beattie, & Meredith Harris, Pages: 217-220

Book reviews

Class and the college classroom: essays on teaching
Catherine Mitchell, Pages: 221-223

Designing the New Sean Sturm, Pages: 223-225

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Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 36