Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 24 No. 4

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Introduction: Special Issue in tribute to John Bowden
Pages: 287-291


Spaces of influence: A framework for analysis of an individual’s contribution within communities of practice
Pam Green , Pages: 293-307

Preparing for practice in the age of complexity
Nita Lilian Cherry , Pages: 309-320

Variation and commonality in phenomenographic research methods
Gerlese S. Åkerlind , Pages: 321-334

On the unit of description in phenomenography
Ference Marton & Wing Yan Pong , Pages: 335-348

Phenomenographic pedagogy and a revised Approaches to teaching inventory
Keith Trigwell, Michael Prosser & Paul Ginns , Pages: 349-360

Improving teaching: Enhancing ways of being university teachers
Gloria Dall’Alba , Pages: 361-372

Academic development for knowledge capabilities: Learning, reflecting and developing
Shirley Booth & Elsie Anderberg , Pages: 373-386

Pages: 387-392

Referees: September 2004 to August 2005
Pages: 393-394

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Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 24