Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 24 No. 2

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The need for counter‐scrutiny: taking a broad view of doctoral education research
Terry Evans & Barbara Kamler, Pages: 115-118

Framing research on doctoral education in Australia in a global context
Margot Pearson, Pages: 119-134

To prove myself at the highest level: The benefits of doctoral study
Diana Leonard, Rosamunde Becker & Kelly Coate , Pages: 135-149

Unfinished business: subjectivity and supervision
Bill Green, Pages: 151-163

Doctoral supervision, workplace research and changing pedagogic practices
Janne Malfroy, Pages: 165-178

Research education ontologies: exploring doctoral becoming
Robyn Barnacle, Pages: 179-188

Using digital data and bibliometric analysis for researching doctoral education
Peter Macauley, Terry Evans, Margot Pearson & Karen Tregenza , Pages: 189-199

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Higher Education Research & Development Vol. 24