Professor Raj Shekhawat

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Professor Raj Shekhawat, College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Flinders University Adelaide, South Australia has had the privilege to work in four continents across six counties (England, USA, Singapore, India, New Zealand & Australia) with diverse cultural population across various settings.

As a progressive transformational leader, mentor, and TEDx speaker, Prof Shekhawat has led multi-disciplinary teams in clinical, teaching, industry, and research sectors resulting in the strengthening of global research collaborations, the enhancing of innovation in education, and inspiring a new generation of academic citizens.

His passion for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning motivated him to do PGCertAP, HERDSA Fellowship, Senior Fellowship of HEA & Certified Membership of Association of Learning Technologies (CMALT). Raj has been involved in teaching and pedagogical research since 2011. His association with HERDSA & TATAL from 2016 has been a transformational experience, both professionally as well as personally.