HERDSA News Vol. 38 No. 1

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Maureen Bell
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Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia
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01 From the president

02 Educating for uncertainty
Gardner Campbell offers his ‘gentle’ manifesto
04 The very long tail that doesn’t wag the dog
Owen Hicks challenges the global representation of rankings systems

06 Who’s Who in HERDSA?
06 OLT column
07 Around the Branches
08 New Fellows column
09 HERDSA NZ column
10 Ako Aotearoa column
10 New Scholars column
11 National Teaching Fellow
12 Obituaries

14 MEanderings
Bob Cannon spies out problems and failures in testing and evaluation
16 Bibliometrics: A fifty years perspective
Roger Atkinson considers changing approaches to metrics
18 Joining the conversation
Barbara Grant offers ideas on getting published
18 Essential reading
Tai Peseta highlights a recent HERD article

19 A decade of transition pedagogy by Sally Kift
Peter Kandlbinder reviews an article from the HERDSA Review of Higher Education
20 Higher education student evaluation
Edward Palmer reviews a new student evaluation website

21 What is the future of tertiary education?
Ron Oliver highlights some ideas from the ALT Fellows
22 Achieving consistency
Ariana Henderson and Simon Evans suggest problem solving through a community of practice approach

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