Enriching teaching through research

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Research and Development in Higher Education: Transforming Knowledge into Wisdom Holistic Approaches to Teaching and Learning Vol. 27

July, 2004, 359 pages
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The School of Engineering at the University of Tasmania, Australia enjoys longstanding collaborative research and training partnerships with a number of businesses and industries in Tasmania. The partnerships are designed to foster both scholarly and scientific cooperation at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The program has been used by the School as a pilot for research, training students and also to assist the School to address holistic course curriculum by transfer of state of the art industry best practice. This paper uses the co-operative research between the School and the Comalco Aluminium smelter at Bells Bay as an illustration of how to use such partnerships to enrich teaching and learning within a School.

Keywords: Research-teaching nexus; industry links.

Enriching teaching through research

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Bullen, F. & Karri, V.