Maximising opportunities for learning: Sexuality education on-line

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Research and Development in Higher Education: Quality Conversations Vol. 25

July, 2002, 794 pages
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Tony Herrington
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The provision of sexual health care requires health professionals to select the level of care appropriate for themselves, their clients and the particular clinical situation. This allows for flexibility in the service provided to the client. . This paper describes a sexuality education unit offered as an on-line course that meets this goal by (a) selecting a pedagogic model (PLISSIT) that consists of a hierarchical organisation of sexual health care, and (b)providing flexibility by structuring learning activities to encourage collaborative learning, reflection and dialogue with the course coordinator. An elective delivered in the face-to-face mode for 6 years was converted for on-line delivery. Sexuality education builds on a knowledge base with a strong emphasis on values clarification and comfort in sexual communication and history taking. The on-line unit allows for this with the use of Discussion Forums for group work, and individual value clarification questionnaires. Immediate on-line feedback and reinforcement of learning is provided. The activities are structured to encourage active constructivist learning. Student evaluation demonstrates a high rate of satisfaction with both group work and individual activities. The feedback and dialogue with the course coordinator was also appreciated. Future development of the unit will focus on the development of a reflective framework of learning. The “reflective journal” will be used to facilitate student-course coordinator dialogue on personal learning and goals.

Keywords: Sexuality Education, On-line learning, Collaborative learning.

Maximising opportunities for learning: Sexuality education on-line

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