Applying adult education principles to university teaching

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Research and Development in Higher Education: Quality Conversations Vol. 25

July, 2002, 794 pages
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Tony Herrington
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University undergraduate teaching is not usually regarded as, or approached as, "adult education". Most approaches to teaching university differ very little from their historic antecedents despite considerable research in recent decades about the needs of the learner and effective teaching practices to meet these needs. This paper explores some of the better known "learner needs", particularly those emphasised in adult education, and their trial application to a university undergraduate class. The specific approaches and techniques that were used are considered and their consequences and subsequent feedback are investigated. By examining the results of this trial application, the paper considers what approaches and techniques were and were not effective, and extends that consideration to possibilities of broader application to future undergraduate classes.

Keywords: adult education; learning objectives & assessments; learner involvement.

Applying adult education principles to university teaching

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Jerram, C.