Satisfying real client requirements through student-centred courseware

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Research and Development in Higher Education: Quality Conversations Vol. 25

July, 2002, 794 pages
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Tony Herrington
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This paper outlines a rationale and course design strategy used for creating a course that was student-centred and focused on satisfying the needs of industry clients through project work. The pedagogical underpinnings of the course are based on authentic assessment, which is used to promote motivation and interest of students in a higher education institution. Students were given the opportunity in a multimedia development course to develop real E-commerce business solutions. This is the third evolutionary development of the unit. The design of the unit now reflects contemporary pedagogy, taking into consideration the needs of students and the changing requirements demanded by multimedia-centric e- business, as promoted by industry and government. The objectives were to develop a unit that was oriented towards authentic and student centred learning, as well as providing a motivating environment with a high level of interaction from professionals in industry.

Keywords: higher education, authentic environment, student-centred

Satisfying real client requirements through student-centred courseware

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Ireland, K., Tarricone, P. & Luca, J.