Preparing academics for teaching in Australian universities

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Research and Development in Higher Education: Learning for an Unknown Future Vol. 26

July, 2003, 692 pages
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Helen Mathews and Rod McKay
0 90 8557 55 8

This paper details the results of a study for the Australian federal Department of Education, Science and Training in 2002, on the professional development of Australian academics for their teaching role. It outlines survey results of the programmes and approaches used by academic development units in the 32 Australian universities that had central sections dedicated or partly dedicated to academic staff development. The results reported here indicate that while the large majority of universities offered induction programmes to staff new to teaching, these are relatively poorly attended, and do not cater for part-time sessional staff in any systematic way. Most universities offered formal award programmes to their staff, but these too, generally have low enrolments. The results form an important reference point for professional associations and staff development units concerned to promote teaching excellence and the professionalisation of the teaching role in universities.

Keywords: university teaching, academic staff development, induction to teaching

Preparing academics for teaching in Australian universities

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Ryan, Y., Dearn, J. & Fraser, K.